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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Freelancers Hope you all are doing well. Being a freelancer is easy but in order to become successful freelancer, you need to be more active, always ready to serve your every respective clients. Lets talk about myself. Who am I as a person: ********************************************* I am the owner of Trin IT Solution. I also working as a digital marketing trainer on ICT-LEDP GOVT. project at the same time running my own IT Training Center in Bangladesh. To learn more plz follow me . Thanks in advance.
  2. As the iPhone and other industry leading smartphones improve their cameras, and make them more professional photography friendly, applications dedicated to editing and retouching images have also improved as well. This is great for Fiverr sellers who’s Gig photos need a little touchup. Or, if you’d like to make small tweaks to images that you’ve already purchased. As a matter of fact, many apps now do much more than simple editing and retouching of images, but they allow you to take better images in general. Here are 7 apps that can help you take better images in minutes: 1. Photoshop express Photoshop Express has been on the Apple App Store since Adobe launched the application back in September 2011. Photoshop Express provides users with basic editing features on an iPhone or Android device. The app allows users to make quick one-touch corrections to any image, add a filter with another tap, and improve contrast, exposure, and white balance with a set of slide controls for an altogether better image. Know what’s even better? The app is available for Free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. 2. Photoshop touch Photoshop Touch is yet another photo application from Adobe’s mobile suite and adds in several other features that Photoshop Express doesn’t carry. It is quite possibly one of the most powerful tablet applications you will ever use, especially because it offers up a number of familiar Photoshop features but provides the convenience of a mobile device and touch screen. Photoshop Touch includes features such as Refine Edge–so you can capture incredibly small objects–and also allows users to work with high-resolution images up to 12 megapixels. Also available for iPhone and Android. 3. Camera+ This app is the closest you can get to make your smartphone into a DSLR, as it maximizes the capabilities of the iPhone’s camera. Camera+ can provide continuous flash, even for images and can also shoot in burst mode. After shooting, you can then edit directly within the application. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. 4. Pixlr Need a great editing tool wherever you are? Pixlr is quite possibly the easiest to access because it is web based. Autodesk, the firm behind the editing software has also made it available for mobile devices as an app so you can use the same powerful features from the web anywhere you are. 5. GIMP Though not available on mobile devices, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is much like a stripped down version of Photoshop with a much simpler user interface. The app will fulfill most of your everyday photo needs but will also cost you nothing. 6. Camera plus Shooting close up? Though it sports the same name as other camera applications, Camera Plus allows for users to snap Macro, Normal, and Far shots and also allows you to control the exposure with one large slide control. Say goodbye to distorted and dark Macro shots. 7. Photoristic HD Photoristic HD is a blend of power, convenience and simplicity. This iPhone app can handle high-resolution images above 15 megapixels but still has straightforward controls for tones and other basic editing features such as exposure and contrast. Reference: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011256418-7-apps-to-help-your-Gig-photos-look-better?segment=seller
  3. 1. SEO helps businesses build better websites 2. It’s an affordable marketing strategy 3. SEO builds relationships with your target market 4. It’s for the long-term 5. Get the ball rolling for small businesses
  4. Social media management is practice that suppor your digital marketing and social media strategies. It's an important part of running social media strategy becouse It explain how brand your participate (think content publishing, rules of engagement with customers etc.)
  5. Social media management is a practice that's supports your social media marketing and startegies. It’s an important part of running an Effactive Social Media Startegy Becouse its explains how your brand will participal (think content publishing, ruls of engagement with customers etc.)
  6. Answer all their queries, Communicatat to your customer that you are always approachable and they can contact you verry easily for small or large questions..... Go out of the way.... Surprise them..... keep your promise.... Be spontaneous.... Treat them as thanks for read i am new seller on fiverr
  7. Get to know your costomers... Offer great customer service... Nurture existing customers and look for new opportunities... Use social media... Attend networking events... Host event... Give back to your community... Measure what works and refine your approach as you go...
  8. I try to more and every day I apply buyer request but nobody response me more of the day I did not get new buyer can give me some tips so that I try to that way .
  9. Freelance has been the way of life for independent professionals who want to avoid the traditional eight-to-five office career. Equipped with skills, a laptop, and good internet connection, anyone can start earning money, even at home. Many freelancers face several problems as they begin their business. There are challenges like: Finding your first client Working on projects that fit your skill set Expanding your network for more opportunities Knowing when to take on more work Deciding whether to increase your rates If you are new to freelancing, this article will guide you on how to optimize your earnings. If you are looking into doing freelance as a business, these 5 freelance best practices will serve as an example of how to get bigger and better projects. Find your niche Build a stellar portfolio Expand your network Package your services Learn how to write a successful sales pitch If are interested to know more these 5 best practices, comment below and I will post the full article soon.
  10. I am new fiverr, Please share your fiverr experience
  11. Hi folks, I want to know about the FAQ on Fiverr, hope I will get the Right info. about that.
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