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Found 9 results

  1. As an experienced buyer, I still find it daunting to filter thru thousands of gigs to find the right sellers. After hundreds of gig purchases, sometimes, I still get swindled by a newbie seller. Although, it's 2nd nature to me now, my 1st purchase was confusing and an overall bad experience. A newbie buyer ordering from a newbie seller is basically, blind leading the blind. Neither one of you are sure how things work. One of you should have the experience to guide the other one on how to order, accept, and other questions. Tips for new buyers: 1. Don't worry about levels, that's useless. 2. Look for sellers with at least 200 reviews. This will ensure the reviews are legit. Unfortunately, there are still scammers who buy or trade reviews. 3. Look at gig picture. Does it look nice or sloppy? Is it stolen off the internet (right click & reverse search) or original? 4. Actually read the sellers description on that gig. It doesn't matter what kind of gig you are buying, there is a universal sign for troublesome sellers: * Bad grammar, misuse of punctuation, incoherent sentences, etc. * Short description is a bad sign. The seller should write out what they will deliver and what they expect from you (the buyer). * Sloppy description means sloppy delivery. If you see things like: Sir, Dear, etc. Not a good sign. 5. Do not message them via inbox, unless it's necessary. As a buyer, once you contact a seller that way, they have unlimited access to contact you. It's a headache. * Most established sellers should know better but not all of them follow the rules. You can get spammed with buy one get one free offer that you don't need or want. * If you find a great seller that you are confident about then by all means have a convo with them about the order. * If you have to message them, don't do a, "Hello, are you there." They may think you are a spammer. Add your question that wasn't answered in the gig description. 6. I know that there are different customs around the world where price negotiations are an every day thing. This platform is not one of them. Don't ask for a discount or offer them future work. There is no way to guarantee that. Established sellers will politely tell you to go away and then block you. 7. Regardless of who you hire, order a sample gig first. If they don't have a sample gig, it's okay to ask them, "Can I ask for a $10 or $20 sample?" * They can send you a custom offer where they can do a small portion of your project. Afterwards, either you fit or not. Don't ask for modifications on a sample order. * Don't ask for free samples. Time is money. You're not sampling wedding cakes for free, this is a freelance platform, pay for it! * If sample is good or fits your need, discuss the project and place order. * If sample isn't what you wanted, say thank you and go elsewhere. Just chaulk up your $20 as cost of doing business. Note: In order for me to have found some really amazing sellers, I had to spend money on not so good and/or nightmare sellers. Don't let your first experience be a bad one. Buy from an established, well rounded seller. After you've gained experience in buying, then you can trek into the pool of newbies to get yourself that diamond in a haystack. Many great and true professional sellers have to start here as a newbie and they need a chance. Happy holidays everyone. 💙💛🤎
  2. A bit of a stupid question but how does it make you feel if you get a purchase from a buyer that's new to fiverr? Obviously I'm pleased to get any orders, but I always fear a new buyer won't understand the '5* or fail' nature of fiverr ratings (I know 4.7 isn't bad but you get my point). I'm really not a worrier, I'm pretty chilled out, but ratings/reviews actually give me real anxiety! I know I can't do anything about it, just saying 🙂
  3. Hello Everyone, I`m new #translation seller on Fiver. I`m Simon Tannous, I was born and lived in Nazareth, Israel. I can translate any document from English/ Hebrew to Arabic and vice versa. If anyone need a help with translation please just contact me and visit my profile and I promise that I will response as fast as possible. Its my pleasure to be a part of big family on Fiver and this community. Hope to work with u, wish me a lot of luck. See you soon, My friends.
  4. I am a level one seller .I have a total of 55 feedback on my account Of these, 54 are good and one is bad This bad feedback has since reduced my workload and at one point I had no work All of these things cause my gig impressions and clicks to decrease naturally. But at present I am constantly completing the order with good feedback the work he got at this time from the old buyer. Even after working, gig impression clicks are not increasing but decreasing day by day. Can't get any knock from any new buyer. If you have any such experience, please share it with me and tell me how to get rid of it. And I have a question about a gig promotion feature I used before but not using now. Could this be a reason for the gig derank?
  5. Dear Community, Hope all are well. I need a help. I new buyer (Who come to fiverr new and this is his first order) Order me from my package. He requested to work something that is more tasks than the package described. So I asked the buyer about the information he asked me to do. He couldn't provide me the proper information rather he requested me to cancel the order and said it was wrong order by mistake. He create dispute on the order and asked me to accept the dispute. My question is if I accept his dispute and the order marked as cancel, then what will be my losse and what effect fall on my ratings and profile and also my seller level?? I also sent message to the resolution center yesterday. I havent got any respond or solution yet. Please suggest me what I should do and how I become safe and keep my profile net and clean as it was. Thanks mozammal
  6. Hello! When a buyer/client comes in the inbox after sending a buyer request, how to convince the buyer to buy your service. Also, How can I assure him that my service is perfect for him? And which words should use to welcome the client?
  7. Hi, Anyone shares your first experience how dealing with a new seller ? Question for only buyers Thank You.
  8. Hi there I need help to all of you. I need order on Fiverr .I am new on Fiverr plz tell me how I get my 1st order on Fiverr plz help me I do every thing which is possible to get order.
  9. https://prnt.sc/1d7j2gh
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