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Possible Hints on Gig Tweakings and Maintaining/Improving rank or Avoiding Loss of Rank


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Another thread got me thinking about this, so I decided to drop in a Tips post about it.

There has been forum chat about rank alongside the use of packages and otherwise changing or tweaking gigs. I thought I’d add some things I’ve gleaned from saving dozens of CS responses that were sent to me or posted on the forum. Also, I have a few success manager screenshots from people sending me things they’ve seen. I’m not giving this info as fact or as a mod or an SEO person. I’m giving it only based on anecdotal evidence, but a lot of it.


The success managers and other staff having hinted strongly that packages will gradually be used more to determine at least part of how gigs are ranked. They seem to be saying that eventually gigs with packages will generally be higher in search than others, if all else is equal. Of course, that doesn’t cover a lot of unequal things.

A TRS with no packages might rank higher than a level 1 with slow delivery and packages. Since this is highly variable and they don’t seem in a rush, I sure wouldn’t take it to mean that packages are instantly good or bad for you. If you aren’t using them, I’d start slow and do some trial runs. Preferably, do it when you have another gig or two with orders in queue that you won’t change while you do a few weeks of packaging QA.

Changing/Tweaking Gigs and Rank

CS and anecdotal evidence from users does seem to point to the fact that changing one’s gigs is likely to affect search temporarily. That’s not entirely bad. Apparently it isn’t uncommon for changes to trigger a new look at the gig by the editors. While a gig is under a review like that, sometimes they apparently pull it from search, but that might be a really short time, like just a few hours. If they like the gig, it might go back higher up. If they don’t, it might go lower. If they see something they really don’t like (Facebook likes, minor issues like a stock profile photo) the gig might stay on Fiverr but drop out of search. if they find a larger problem (Amazon reviews, gigs with lots of late deliveries or gigs promising results past 30 days) they might even deny the gig.

Possible Takeaways

Keep in mind that this is still all anecdotal, but just worth thinking about. While edits could be the trigger for those actions, it seems like that is positive for good sellers with skills and well done gigs. Theirs will move up while sellers with questionable profiles or gigs might be removed or at least dropped out of search.

Things seem to be point toward much more scrutiny for new sellers in time as well as careful re-checks for tenured sellers who come off as scammy, unskilled or using a bunch of fake info. Just keep in mind that based on what I’ve been seeing, this doesn’t mean some overnight shakeup at all. It looks like they are doing it very slowly. It won’t make me stop tweaking my gigs at all, since I hope they’ll find mine to be at least worthy of showing up if not better. 🙂

Tweaking Slowly or All At Once

Some of this does seem to indicate there is benefit in saving your tweaks for one session. It depends on how much risk you can take and probably applies less if you have several successful gigs and are only tweaking one at a time. It does seem like a minor tweak every 1-2 days could hurt you a bit if it keeps trigger re-checks, though that might not matter as long as you have other good gigs that can hold your income up.

Otherwise, it’s worth considering that it’s good to save your tweaks and pick one gig at a time to work on. Make multiple changes as needed and then set it free i the wild for a while. Check it in a few days and make sure it’s ranking reasonably and if it’s not, contact CS and ask them to check on it. (Same thing applies to paused gigs or all gigs after VM.)

Caution! 🎬

Once more, this post is not a Moderator’s Guide to anything because I’m basing it lots of forum and ticket reading which is good but not an exact science. This is just a selection of things to think about. If you don’t think it’s correct or applies to you, ignore it. 😯


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@fonthaunt I think you are on to something. Gigs being pulled from search results due to edits in description, title, images etc does point to a new manual review system by editors.

So yes while there is no official confirmation, it does make sense if editors give you a boost or bury your gig based on performance, or overall presentation. (Especially the latter since the algorithm can’t pick that up)

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