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  1. this was present 10 years ago , it happened a few times 🙂 I got similar messages in the past , it happened recently as well in a different context, the buyer said that he doesn't want to leave a bad review but he is going to do so if I don't cancel an order 🙂
  2. This is why all transactions have to take place here on Fiverr, you both broke the rules and if you paid him outside Fiverr, Support can't do anything since this isn't in their control. It is very important to read and follow the rules when signing up on an online marketplace. The only way to solve this in...some way would probably be by taking legal action against that person but of course, outside Fiverr since the transaction didn't happen here. It's complicated at this point, I assume that the location of that seller is important as well... Justice doesn't really work the same everywhere
  3. In general, I would say that this isn't safe if you want to keep your account. In theory, you can use the same internet connection on two accounts ( in case there are two legit accounts, each belonging to a different person ) as long as you are not selling the same services but if your account gets flagged for having multiple accounts it will be difficult to explain/solve this with support.
  4. Same here... it's been happening for a few days.
  5. If we are to believe what Fiverr says then it might be because other sellers in the same category are doing better 🙂 but everything is questionable here right now because of their lack of transparency ( although they claim the new system to be more transparent )
  6. very likely revision request and also extending the delivery time have an impact in that metric
  7. Well, this happened to me already around 2-3 years ago.... and I had more than 120 orders from the past 10 years without any kind of instructions, all of them were cancelled '' without affecting my account '' as they said.. Now I am wondering if my account is affected by those cancellations or not... Good point here
  8. It wouldn't bother me either if at least I could get a decent amount of sales If I wouldn't live in fear of getting banned because AI says so... if I wouldn't be penalized when the buyer decides to cancel orders because they ordered ' by mistake ' ... and many other things
  9. Well, no one really knows. I communicate in the same way when I deliver something for all of my gigs,nothing is changed in the way I discuss with my buyers but for some of the gigs I also have that negative impact when it comes to 'effective communication'
  10. that sounds absurd , they should actually tell you if you did something wrong @milos_siena can you look into it perhaps?
  11. what's your account flagged for exactly ?
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