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  1. Recently I received this. … Buyer: Offer me a job Me: I don’t have any job for you Buyer: ok If you have someone refer Them to me Me: I don’t recommend anyone that I don’t know. Buyer: OK then Shall we get to know each other then Me: Sorry. I don’t want to. Buyer: OK thankyou … 🤨
  2. Dear Fiverr, I’m really ok that you promote your Pro sellers. But at the same time please DO NOT forget the other sellers who were been with you for many years & helped you to reach where you are today. Because, some sellers are totally depend on you and they’ve already left their jobs as they happy with Fiverr. Hope you’ll not let us down. 😔 Thanks!
  3. @nrichm Great! I’m glad to hear that it helped you 🙂
  4. This is great for big projects. I love this! 😍
  5. Also in Fiverr Forum there are plenty of threads related to this topic where sellers shared their experiences, tips, etc. When you have a time go through these threads. I’m sure that will help you too. Fiverr Forum ? Guide: Get your First OrderAre you new to Fiverr? Are you desperately willing to start off? Are you still waiting for your first Gig Order? You are at the right place. This post should help you immensely, I am sure. Not to dishearten you, but to give you a heads up, let me... Reading time: 14 mins ? Likes: 1585 ❤
  6. Ha ha I know. Now I check same email for many times specially when it’s from Fiverr. 😄
  7. Hmm can understand. Don’t worry let’s see what happens.
  8. Oh not again. Once I lost $32. I received a fake email (At that time I didn’t know that was fake as the Hacker used exact Fiverr logo, fonts & the template) saying “click here to receive Fiverr notifications to your mobile”. I was new to Fiverr as it was just my 2nd month & didn’t know that I should check that with CS or at least with Forum people. I thought that email was from Fiverr & I clicked that link. 💣
  9. I fully agree, you should take breaks. I take a break every 2 hours or so. 30min is not enough for some jobs to get anything done 🙂 However, my breaks are probably longer (20-30 minutes). Yes indeed, 30 min is not enough for certain tasks which need continuous attention. Sometimes I get stuck with some clients who ask same thing again & again, and it takes more than 1 hour sometimes. But the thing is, doctors & health consultants suggest that we should stand at least for 5 minutes in every half and hour. 🙂 Check this out!
  10. @aggelosmariospa great tips! 👍 I like to add one more point. When we are working, we try our level best to complete the orders as soon as possible which will make us sit for longer hours. But please DO NOT sit for more than 30 minutes. Human body is designed for regular movement. While a short period of sitting here and there is natural, but long periods of sitting day-in and day-out can seriously impact our health and shorten our lives. 🤕 I know it’s pretty hard to remember to stand up in every 30 minutes & walk around for 2 minutes, when you involving in a big project. But trust me when you get used to it, it will become more easy & I’m sure you’ll feel comfortable too. 😊
  11. Fiverr Forum Reviews left for buyers should be visible on their profileIf you go to other platforms like UW then sellers can see a much more information about the buyers. - reviews from other sellers - what kind of gigs they have purchased before - how much they have spent etc. I can manage without purchase history,... Fiverr Forum We Want Buyer reviews optionI dont know is it okay Or not to post . but I think Also , In buyers Profile, reviews will shows .... I think in this way buyers also be careful and hesitate to misbehave with us without any reason . They Will also hesitate to cancel any order... Reading time: 8 mins ? Likes: 30 ❤ Fiverr Forum No reviews shown about buyers!Hello guys, I dont know if you have noticed or not but this site doesnt shows any reviews which we give our buyers on the order which is very very wrong for a transparent marketplace. Its not about feedback being good or bad but it should be very... Reading time: 2 mins ? Likes: 15 ❤ Fiverr Forum Where do I see Buyer's rating?Whenever I check some fiverr seller's profile, I could see their basic info, gigs offered and their reviews. Similarly, when I visit some buyer's profile why I CANNOT SEE the reviews/ratings given to that buyer from the seller for previous... Reading time: 1 mins ? Likes: 8 ❤ Fiverr Forum Reviews for buyersAs a regular seller of my voice-over services, I'm often interested in who the buyers are and where they are located etc. I'm also interested in seeing how they were assessed by previous sellers. I hardly ever have a problem buyer but sometimes you... Reading time: 1 mins ? Likes: 8 ❤ Fiverr Forum Fiverr needs to show all reviews on buyer profile like seller!As Buyer's are playing with seller's review if they didn't get what they want under their budget by posting negative reviews. Even then we give them review about how they were but that will not showing on their profile while on our profile their... Fiverr Forum Need to show all buyer review at profile like seller reviewNeed to show all buyer review on his/her profile so seller will know more about buyer that buyer is trust able or not many time seller do all work properly but buyer put negative review mostly fiverr only support buyer not seller
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