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Do This, NOT That! Part 2 (10 More Seller Tips)


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If you haven’t read my first 10 tips, then go to my previous post here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/do-this-not-that-10-tips-for-sellers/

After many comments and messages asking me to make another post with more tips, I decided to put together a part 2! Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a part 3 at some point… A seller tip trilogy! 😃

Anyway, let’s get to the good part, shall we? 🙂

  1. (Technically #11…) Do read EVERYTHING on Fiverr Academy, the Fiverr Blog, and the Fiverr Forum (in the ‘Tips for Sellers’ section). Listen to the podcast (Fiverrcast) as well. It’s safe to say that there is so much value in these four FREE resources! Did I mention they’re… free?

DON’T overlook these golden nuggets and then wonder why you’re not successful. Furthermore, don’t explode fellow sellers’ and the support team’s inboxes asking for free advice when it’s so readily available. (This may or may not be an indirect comment about what’s been going on with my inbox lately… XD)

  1. Do use the (relatively new) F.A.Q. feature. I’m sure there are a few questions your prospective buyers ask time and time again. The wording may be slightly different every time, but you find yourself having to explain yourself repeatedly. I can vouch for this feature because since I’ve been using it, I don’t get buyers asking specific questions constantly. This ultimately gives your buyer a better idea of what your gig is all about. There’s only so much you can include in the description section and in a short video combined. (Yeah, yeah, I know some people hate reading so chances are they’ll still ignore portions of your gig. But the keyword here is “some.”)

DON’T for one moment think it’s a useless feature that’s a waste of time (even if you’re utilizing all the other features like gig packages, the photo gallery, gig extras, etc.).

  1. Do use the maximum photos allowed in you gig gallery. The space is there for a reason! Seeing as I have my live portfolio feature turned off for copyright reasons, I make sure I include a striking main gig photo, a snapshot of a sample, and a more detailed breakdown of my gig package pricing. Most buyers (people in general) enjoy visuals more than reading plain text. In the event that your buyer quickly glosses over your description or doesn’t read it at all, can they still get an idea of what your gig is about from the photo section alone?

DON’T have a “bare minimum mindset.” You want to be a successful seller, right?

  1. Do everything you can before you consider cancelling an order. When I was relatively new on here, I’d sometimes cancel orders when I now see there could have been another alternative. The updated Resolution Center definitely helps with this as it gives you multiple solutions like extending the delivery time. Recently, I almost sent a buyer a cancellation request because the work they offered was something I’m not used to doing. But then I told myself that I’m a really competent writer and can do this, so I proceeded, worked on the order, and delivered. Guess what the end result was? A 5-star review, generous tip, and an all-around happy customer who wants to work with me again.

DON’T think getting your buyer to mutually cancel is always the answer when the going gets tough. Of course, there will always be that instance when you aren’t left with much of a choice. In those cases, thank goodness for this option!

  1. Do treat other sellers (yes, even competition) as mentors. You can learn so much from someone who seems to be doing “better than you.” Instead of looking at a competitor’s profile and gawking at their Top Rated Seller badge, do some research on what they’re doing that you’re not.

DON’T get all jealous and sit around wondering why you can’t be as successful. When one is jealous, they tend to be closed off. Can you really turn a seemingly negative into a positive when you’re swimming in a pool of envy? But please, do NOT directly copy off of someone else in an attempt to “match their success.” That’s frowned down upon A LOT on here.

  1. Do post on ‘The Ranting Pot’ when you’ve had a bad day on here. I promise you’ll feel better afterwards. From what I’ve experienced on the forums, most people are very supportive and even humorous. If you choose to keep it all to yourself even though you’re really upset, the negativity can pour into other aspects of your work and interactions with other buyers. If you’d rather not share your experience, just step away from the computer instead and do something uplifting for a while until you cool off.

Don’t bottle up your frustrations or use your family and friends as scratching posts/sound boards. I used to have a way of “taking my work home with me.” (Probably because I work from home… But still, that’s no excuse.)

  1. Do fill out your seller profile COMPLETELY. If you have certifications, include them. Valuable skills? (Of course you do!) Include those too. And your fiverr bio? Make it enticing, personable, and professional. No one-liners! Don’t forget about the headline and tagline too. Oh, and you must have a professional profile photo of yourself. If you’re part of a team, then I get why you can’t add a head-shot, but this applies to individual sellers.

DON’T neglect your seller profile. It’s easy to get caught up in perfecting your individual gig pages, but the profile is just as important. You’re selling yourself in both places, but more so on the profile page. Trust me, people will click on “Read More” when reading through your gig. If they end up “walking” into a ghost town, then they may very well ghost on you.

  1. Do give yourself enough time and be realistic about your workload/responsibilities inside and outside of fiverr. If you’ve hit a peak period but your gig is set to a 1-day delivery time, go back in and tweak that turnaround to something more reasonable like 3 days. As you already know, late deliveries NEVER reflect good on us. If I know I’m going to be out of town for the weekend, I just make sure I take down my 24-hour express delivery option from my gigs and extend the turnaround time if needed. There’s no need to pause your gig or anything like that. That way, you’ll still be receiving orders while you’re gone. You can use the app to answer any inquires while you’re gone.

DON’T expect yourself to have superhero capabilities and finish everything at lightning speeds while providing top quality. In most cases, if you rush through an order, mistakes are bound to happen. This can lead to satisfactory or even negative reviews! Or revisions that didn’t need to even happen if you took your time in the first place.

  1. Do have more than one active gig. In fact, I say aim for more than three! This gives the impression that you’re flexible and have a diverse skill set. Also, it gives you more chances to sell and increases your overall visibility in search.

DON’T create duplicate gigs with slight differences so you can “sell more.” This will ensure your gigs get denied or you get banned.

  1. Do something especially unique with at least one of your gigs. This can be done even if there are hundreds of other gigs that offer a similar service. Why should someone purchase an article from you when so many other sellers (with great ratings as well) are offering an article for a lower price? Find a way to stand out. A personal example: If you do a search for editing/proofreading gigs, there are a TON of them. If you narrow things down to poetry editing & critiquing, there aren’t as many gigs but there’s still some competition. What makes my gig unique? I’d have to say the eccentric vibe of my video, the gig package names, and the fact that I give a free gift to buyers who order over a specific word count. I didn’t see anyone else doing that.

DON’T rely on generic wording and what everyone else is doing. Sure, it’s good to use what you like in other people’s gigs as inspiration, but I can’t tell you how many gigs regurgitate information from other gigs in the same niche. What I really can’t stand is sellers who deliberately copy the exact wording and capitalization of other sellers’ gig titles. And the ones who use a random stock photos or a blurry google image as the display photo. Put some effort into making a one-of-a-kind gig!

I hope you enjoyed these 10 additional tips and they’re just as helpful.

See you around the fiverrsphere. 🙂

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>1. (Technically #11…) Do read EVERYTHING

If there was some magical Fiverr fairy or elf that can make this sentence pop out in
neon pink 3D letters or maybe sprinkle some cursed fairy dust on people forcing them
to sit in front of the screen and will electrocute them if they try to skip a sentence and move
on without reading EVERYTHING…oh wouldn’t it be so darn great.

I believe that everything you wrote here is true and they are all helpful, but
the “Do read” part needs to be dipped in bronze!!!

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