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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a new seller on Fiverr. I've completed 10 orders till now. My gig also got rank, it was in the first page with a keyword. But there was a problem in my gig. My gig was on Data entry. Some clients want their job to be done on Google Sheet rather than MS Excel. So In the requirement section of my gig, I wrote "Kindly give me editing permission to your google sheet if you want the job to be done on google sheet, my email address is *****@gmail.com". As I mentioned my email address in the requirement section, I thought It should be removed as per the Fiverr's policy. That time I edited Those parts of my gig. After that my gig lost rank. Right now it is in the 7th page of the search result. Everyday I send almost 7 to 10 buyer request. I stay active on Fiverr maximum possible time in a day. But I'm not getting any response. What should I do now to get back my past position? Is there anyone who can visit my gig and give some effective suggestions? https://www.fiverr.com/muradsiddique Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello and thank you in advance to everyone who responds to my question. I am new and reading a lot through the Fiverr resources and all over however, I seem to have missed a detail someplace. Now of course just because I did not see it does not mean it is not written someplace. I may need to clean my glasses if it is indeed written. Here is my shocker moment and why I have come to you. When posting my gig I looked at a lot of other gigs to get an idea of what time frame and price range I should be listing my gig at with what is offered in the gig. So I decided to price in a comparable range as underpricing is an undercut to those who are rocking it making customers ask that "why aren't you selling at $10 questions. as if that was the real value of the work) and an insult to yourself too low of a price. (I mean really, our conversion is not at 3X's the exchange which makes me wonder still, why charge so low? This seems like poor thinking to me. If you are at a conversion of 2 or 3X yet the going rate in that area is more, why still undercut? Just list at the same relatable rate in that area and your conversion would make even more for you. But that is not my question sorry, I digress.) So, I posted the comparable price and then when all was done hit publish and review. The selling price was altered to 35.22% higher than what I listed the price at, I looked for why this happened since the only thing I could find is that we are paid 80% of the selling price of each gig. So, naturally I am surprised to see and additional 35.22% added to what I listed. My questions: Why is there 35.22% added to my price? Is it that I am paid 80% of the total price Fiverr listed or of what I listed originally? If what I listed originally then that would mean Fiverr actually makes 55.22% not the 20% as stated in the statement "You are paid 80%" Again, if this is indeed written someplace my apologies, I did not find it. And there is a lot of places to read in the Fiverr information load. Thank you for anyone who responds in helping my understand what this is.
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