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When seller uses copyrighted background music for intro/outro


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So I wanted an intro and an outro for my youtube channel. It is a travel youtube vlog channel.

Intro was from one seller.

the outro was from another seller and essentially my channel’s social media accounts.

This happened in 2015. For some reasons that I won’t post here, the travel vlog show/channel took a pause for a year I came back to it and uploaded the outro into youtube. Youtube automatically flagged the video. The background sound used by the seller was from Universal something something music.

I never recognized the bg sound. I don’t know every movie music score out there, no one can. Obviously I would recognize Star Wars or Star Trek.

Way too late for a refund, it was only $5 anyways.

What to do when a seller uses bg music he/she is not supposed to use? I can get in legal troubles.

Even if I pay $5000 for an outro, the seller could also lie.

Should I of gone to the seller and tell him/her that youtube flagged me automatically?

Is there a way to report this to fiverr?

If I had an outro with Star Wars theme at the end, Disney / George Lucas would sue me.

How can I trust intro/outro gigs now?

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If this happens, simply use Youtube automatically flagging your content as evidence of a seller providing copyrighted material which they have no right to. Then open a copyright complaint with Fiverr CS.

That said, it is your responsibility to check any content delivered to you and 6 months will likely be a little too far into the game to now attempt this and get a refund. In this case, just make sure to keep a keener eye on new deliveries in future.

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