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  1. why did you pick that specific avatar? what about your username?
  2. Use the search feature to look at hundreds of posts asking the same question market your gigs on Social Media Don’t expect anyone else but you to put any effort. Order a gig, and the seller will help you, 10 days. For an extra fast delivery extra of $40, I’ll help.
  3. and you can use it for commercial purposes? You shouldn’t put on your portfolio someone else’s work. You are scamming your customers. Royalty free does not mean you can claim it as your own.
  4. Most likely you downloaded from somewhere else and that’s what your gig is going to provide.
  5. It’s King Arthur not King Arther
  6. do not example attachments for instructions, there is a text field box area for that.
  7. What language are they speaking on that video @writer99025?
  8. contact CS and ask them to cancel order, wait 24-48 hours for a reply. Upon you receiving $20 in Fiverr credit…order from someone else. All those mumbo jumbo long paragraphs for just $20? No serious lawyer will take you serious. According to your profile you are in the USA, Fiverr is in Israel, the seller is where ever. So it could be an international trial? all that for $20? A judge will dismiss it on the spot.
  9. Do you do an annual check up with your family doctor? if not, why not?
  10. Contacting support for a refund: http://support.fiverr.com Next time take into consideration delays when you order something for an event or a deadline.
  11. I say the $2,000 on s***e not on here. If someone wants to pay me $2,000 for something I charge under $100. I am ok with it., 😁
  12. but but but,…, my $2,000 minimum price is so awesome.
  13. My gigs are about domains, hosting and WordPress…I have been getting way too many people adding me on s***e (I add anyone that requests it). What the heck should I put so these people. “you can keep more money, keep fiverr’s commission” and so forth. I say on the videos “exclusively on Fiverr.com” just like so many other sellers. Should I put it on the gig description? “Don’t contact me outside Fiverr” What about something like “If you contact me outside Fiverr, minimum price is $2,000” Edit: I have no plans of doing Fiverr gigs outside Fiverr, if you want me to do something from my Fiverr gigs, then it’s Fiverr".
  14. I don’t think you should do that, you are missing out on some income, don’t give free shit.
  15. so how long does a seller have to deliver a revision? Let’s say it is 10 days to do a video intro, seller made a mistake, buyer requests a revision…I never had to ask for a revision. Just curious
  16. My reading of the above is that IF you have tried to resolve the situation with the seller to no avail then contacting CS is the next step. Your description is scarce on detail so I cannot comment any further really except to say that if you believe CS is incorrect, you could request a second CS agent to look at it - to do this, politely request the agent get a second opinion, do not create a new support ticket. @eoinfinnegan so that 3-day auto-complete thing does not apply to revisions?
  17. once the gig is delivered and buyer leaves you feedback, the order is finished. That is it. @hasnat_23 you doing things wrong.
  18. Do you all remember 1-3 weeks ago about that seller who had that gig? one of the photos was a very young child in a diaper with a red shirt, seller claimed the boy was over 18, even though young boy would usually be used for under 16? I reported the gig, the usual “because of privacy” bla bla bla “we can’t tell you what we need to seller” bla bla bla thing. Well I checked and the gig is gone. I know, I forgot to mention it a while ago. 😁 Miroslav 1, Crappy Seller 0
  19. Will you order a bunch of gigs for the wedding planning?
  20. I am mostly a buyer. $0.00 earnings as seller.
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