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  1. No offence, but I would prefer you stop promoting my “Help I have no orders” post. I no longer standby any of the information in this post and I would delete it if I could.
  2. With all due respect, you are not looking at the big picture. The OP does not sell any kind of web design or development service. They are also a new seller (having no reviews), and this is not a standard request. Pretty much every cyber attack these days takes the form of a social engineering attack. First it will be a request for a users IP. Then when a seller provides this information, there will be another request for more sensitive information — or an invite to use TeamViewer, etc. No one thwarts a social engineering attack by first placing blind trust in a random person online who wants access to any kind of information that they have no reasonable need of. Nowhere does this seller say that they will work directly on a website for any reason in any of their gigs. If the buyer does need to whitelist an IP, they will also be able to see on their end which recent visits to their site have resulted in visitors being directed to a 403 error page. This whole situation is fishy and in my opinion, there are already enough red flags to deter most sellers working with this buyer.
  3. Yeah, there is no reason why any exchange of information like this is even necessary. I have also fallen victim to a very well orchestrated hack attempt myself of Fiverr and I’m quite security aware. None of this makes sense. Possibly the buyer is an amateur web developer and doesn’t realize that their site is not publicly viewable. However, that is their problem, not the problem of the seller.
  4. I am too. With your physical IP address people can ping your device to see when you are online and use easily available port scanning software to scan your system for vulnerabilities. After that, your device becomes easy to trace and target with all kinds of attacks.
  5. I disagree Having an empty page where you can do what you like is lovely but it can lack challenge Like playing a computer game on easy yet again. As the artist M C Wscher philosophied Limits Edges These things force you to be more creative not less! There is a challenge to finding a new effective way of selling shampoo that no one else has done (or at least not done as well as you) It is the difference between mere masturbation and the romantic seduction of a princess when you are but a mere lowly peasant. If a copy is dull to write then you are not trying hard enough! Because if you are finding it dull to write then all the customers, of your customer, will also be bored! And that does not move products! It is my job, to make all writing creative! Even if it is only in the smallest way! Because that is what will make my customer money! The vulgarity! 😱
  6. This is pretty much everybody. It sounds to me like your biggest problem is that you want to be a creative writer, but want to make bank in the meantime, by being an all-round writer for hire. As it is, you won’t find a way to reconcile these two personas. One needs to be completely sacrificed for the other to thrive. Alternatively, you need to divorce your brand personas. Keep your creative side separate from what you offer on Fiverr, or just go all in and offer creative writing on Fiverr if that is what you want to do. It’s worse than that. They took my Grandmother. I love Whitby. Do they still have the cool little fossil shop with the Brontosaurus eggs?
  7. Your buyer is basically an idiot. It sounds like they are probably reselling your service as a fancy certified translation service of their own. With a certified translation, people do receive a certificate of accuracy. However, this is only worth anything if it is also signed by a notary and/or the end client has a means of verifying your identity and credentials. Explain to your buyer that you cannot sign what they are asking, as you only sign certificates in the presence of an independent notary. This would have been something that your buyer would have needed to discuss with you before placing an order. - And is something you would charge a lot extra for.
  8. Yeah, you need to just get used to that. Don’t blame other people and risk making enemies. Do you know how much factual solutions cost? Why should anyone give you theirs for free when they have discovered them themselves? Think of things that way and you might start to see the other side. I’m only giving you advice because we are kind of local. shop1024×768 104 KB
  9. I guess us monkeys just need to hang together sometimes. 😉
  10. So why would people outsource to you? You are confusing geography and local economic advantages with professional skills. I am actually from (originally) very near you. - A place near Darlington. (You are easy to find online.) I get fewer buyers because now I live in Malta and people assume I speak English as a second language. - Yet I command a higher price than you. To be honest, I think you are expecting too much too fast from Fiverr. I’d advise you to start a blog on Steemit, Medium, or Hive.io which are all places you can earn from posting. If no one reads your posts, you are still building a portfolio of work you can direct potential buyers to. Really your objective should be to refine your writing. Alternatively, flip the coin. Don’t be the person begging others to outsource to you. Create high priced gigs and just outsource everything. A lot of people do this and it works, providing you manage that whole side of things well.
  11. Was it on your specification list to change the laws of perspective? Or did you want a render showing a child-size dining table surrounded by giant footstools? What you see as incompetence looks more to me like someone with a lot more design experience using their initiative to provide you with a quality product. LOL Ok
  12. Harsh is an understatement. In either case, you accepted Fiverr’s terms of service when you signed up to use the site. This states that orders cannot be canceled based on personal preference.
  13. // ** NO REAL BUYER cares if you have a 1 star review, as long as you stay professional in your response. If anything, it’ll stop other scammers from going to you when they see it. I would report them immediately after reading the review, that way if the scammer reports me with lies, they can see my side of the story. Don’t get scammed. Sellers hold all the cards. Scammers only have the power if you hand over those cards. Stop being so weak. No one makes TRS without dealing with a few scammers and losers. Sorry to be harsh, but if you keep acting helpless, then you are getting exactly what you deserve. So, STOP IT!! Edit: Power of saying “NO!” Yeah, maybe try selling on Fiverr and facing this situation to see how it actually goes down. 4714×49 4.7 KB 6797×232 21.9 KB 10711×162 7.9 KB 12711×165 8.48 KB 16789×214 6.45 KBBasically, your advice seems sound. However, in practice, Fiverr just doesn’t work like that. 😦 As a negative review stays on your profile FOREVER, even if a buyer cancels, your best option as a seller will usually be to just cancel, and then keep canceling new orders you have a suspicion you think are from the same person, until you are sure the spell you bought on Fiverr has had time to work and your buyer is no longer on this mortal coil.
  14. This sounds a lot like my buyer: You are basically dealing with a calculating psychopath who knows how to get work free of charge by making sellers cancel after delivery. At present, I’m canceling any suspicious order preemptively. I’m pretty sure I know the identity of this person (at least in my case.) They are based in Fort Lauderdale and largely get web design and SEO orders through Instagram that they outsource to sellers here on Fiverr. Even if it is not the same person, it is the same strategy. Look out for; Anyone who gives vague or general instructions.Anyone who wants to cancel immediately after delivery.Any buyer who says you have plagiarized work or who says they “can’t see” your delivery.Sadly, there is no real solution other than to just cancel orders preemptively that your gut tells you are a bit suspicious.
  15. You are being scammed. This buyer is insinuating that you have multiple accounts, as they know this is a trigger word that will get Fiverr to cancel their order anyway even if you don’t agree to. There is nothing you can do here but cancel. If you don’t, you risk getting a bad review AS WELL AS the order later being refunded by CS. It sucks, but this is just how things are,
  16. LOL. When my gigs were last sent to the back, there was a guy using my gig description with a rising talent badge on page 1. There are still several gigs using my gig images that appear higher in the search than my own. Banning people is the only way.
  17. If I walk into my supermarket and leave without paying for my groceries, I don’t get a warning not to do it again. I have to pay for what I have stolen and could go to jail. Why do Fiverr sellers get a free pass? The people you are talking about shouldn’t even be on Fiverr to start with. If you get a job, steal from the till, and prove that you are grossly incapable of performing to the most minimum standard you get fired. - End of. By totally agreeing, you are only demonstrating that you and @hk_wordpress have zero respect for people who get ahead without resorting to fraud or theft. The simple fact is that stealing a gig description is not something you do by accident. If you have the brains to look up who is selling well in your category and copy and paste their description, you are not someone who needs sympathy. You are just a 💩 human. ,
  18. If the buyer leavers a review, it will show on your profile no matter what. If you complain, you will also stand a risk of getting yourself band from Fiverr. In this case, yoiu just have to live with it, sorry.
  19. Yes. The order can complete, the buyer can leave you a terrible review, and afterward, they can get their money back. All you can do if you have just dealt with a problem buyer, is keep your fingers crossed and hope they are not out to defame you and/or make your life a misery.
  20. Indeed. I am one of the most active forum users – and have been for years. I was even a mod for a while. I used to be a forum Regular, but was demoted to Member long ago. Since then, it would seem as if I am not allowed to be re-promoted to Regular, despite my helpful activity. Yet, I see other newer and less “helpful” forum users gaining Regular status all the time. I’ve often wondered why this is. I appreciate this forum, and want to help make it a better place. It just seems like my hands are tied these days, and that makes it harder to be one of the forum’s most ardent supporters. EDIT: It might be worth noting that my forum metrics appear to be well beyond that “(20k/100days)” “peak”. I have 1,200 days on the forum, 360,000 posts read, 12,400 posts created, 13,900 hearts given, and 26,000 hearts received. Some of my top topics created have over 200 hearts, with many others over 100 times liked. These sound like Regular stats to me. 😉 Me too! I wouldn’t worry, though. As I see it, it’s obvious who the cool people are. We don’t need no badges.
  21. You must have been at her house not yours! Nope, not watching you in your home, but I keep an 👁️ on your posts. To be honest, I would not know how to do that. But somehow the FF is addicting! It makes me lie and tell my husband I am working when he asks what I am doing. 🤐 No, it was our local bar. Now its exclusively her territory and I have adopted the fish and chip shop across the road as my new stomping ground. We have a new game now where we see who’s friends are who’s by which place they drift to as they come down the road. That’s a bit scary. You are essentially having a psyhic affair with the web interface of a multinational company. No, but I have to take him with me, as he doesn’t like being left alone.
  22. Hey, you and Chico can’t just leave without a goodbye post and let us assume the worst if we don’t remember the site blocker plugin thing! You really wouldn’t like me in real life. I left my girlfriend two weeks ago by telling her that me and Chico were going to the toilet. Err… Okay. Are you watching me right now and does your family know you have cameras in my house? That’s kind of akward. To be honest, we all should leave. We could all make $$$'s by joining the affiliate program, before spending as much time writing about Fiverr as we do posting here.
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