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Top Rated Seller Interview: How To Make BIG Money on Fiverr


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I was contacted months ago by Brent Jones in Canada, asking me about my experiences with Fiver, which have been nothing short of mind-blowing. When he discovered how well I was doing and how I CONTINUE to grow/expand, he interviewed me for his Freelance video series.

It occurred to me that it would be beneficial to share that video with the community, as so many new Fiverr members wonder HOW to build their business on here and what the most effective methods are to build a strong, sustainable income in their fields.

Check out the interview, which praises Fiverr and the unlimited opportunities available on this platform:

If anyone has questions, just post them in a comment and I’ll help as best i can =)

Success to you all!

Jaime Buckley
Author, Illustrator, Dad of 12

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Hey Jaime!

Thanks for the shout out here on the Fiverr forum.

Really awesome of you to be on my show, Jaime! I greatly appreciate that. Thank you!

I know when I first started freelancing, Fiverr was a massive help to me. I highly encourage more freelancers to effectively utilize it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my show.



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This interview was not through Fiverr. It was through a 3rd party website or a blog. Jamie was just so kind to share
this with us. I still think the podcasts are great and have very valuable information on different topics and I really hope they will continue to produce those.

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Hey onlinedzshop, —annai80 is correct, this show was not made by Fiverr, but by an incredible professional friend of mine from Canada: Brent Jones–who is also a big seller here in Fiverr.

I wanted to make sure you all knew about the shows he’s putting on YouTube, because they’re geared to us, freelancers, and every show he does is PACKED with valuable info and critical tips.

Just wanted to share and empower more of us here int he community.

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Thanks @speedy876!

It does feel just like yesterday, doesn’t it. Wow. Time flies…but it wasn’t really that long ago. Coming up on my 1st year anniversary as a seller, so I’m still a baby compared to many who make their livings here =)

I love the friends I’ve made here. I’ve increased the services I buy here as well–getting to know SO many gifted people has helped me make even better strategic plans for my home business…then outsource to amazing talent here.

Hope all is well!

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