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A Look Into Buyer’s Briefs 🆚 Final Logos #6

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Hey there, designers! The Logo Maker Team is back again to explore the search terms buyers are using and the brilliant logos they end up with. 

We’re sharing our insights to give designers a deeper understanding of the buyer journey. Use this list to:

  • Update your search terms
  • Get inspired + refine your designs
  • Create more sales opportunities!



This time around we’re exploring:


  • Healthcare

  • Medical Equipment

  • Technology

  • Women’s Health - including Doula services and prenatal care

  • Nutrition

  • Floriculture - The cultivation of flowers!

  • Construction



Let’s Dive In!

Note: Brand names mentioned below have been modified to ensure the confidentiality of our purchasers.


Buyer # 1

What They Briefed:

Name: Valley Children

Slogan: Relief for the vulnerable

Industry: Health Care Services

Tag: child


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @name_art 


Buyer #2

What They Briefed:

Name: Sterilizexpert

Slogan: For a safe future

Industry: Medical equipment, Security services, Technology

Tag: sterilizer


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @yehorkolchyba


Buyer #3

What They Briefed:

Name: Ali’s Petals

Slogan: N/A

Industry: Floriculture

Tag: flowers


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @tomtypography


Buyer #4

What They Briefed:

Name: Nutrition From The Ground

Slogan: From The Root

Industry: Personal Consulting, Nutrition Services, Health or Wellness

Tags: root vegetables, earth ground, earth roots nature, carrot, beet, underground, farm, root vegetable, chicken, roots, root ground, sun roots


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @aestheticx


Note: The buyer chose his own font and background color 


Buyer #5

What They Briefed:

Name: Nutrition Habits

Slogan: N/A

Industry: Nutrition Services

Tags: woman, leaves, prenatal, fertility, beets, fern fork, sprouting, pregnancy


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @lara1984


Buyer #6

What They Briefed:

Name: Conceiving Together

Slogan: Conception, Pregnancy And Diabetes Care

Industry: Doula Services, Allied Health Care Professions, Medical And Health Education

Tags: line art, pregnant woman outline


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @amitcohen99


Note: The buyer choose a darker color palette


Buyer #7

What They Briefed:

Name: Bringing Hell

Slogan: Let’s Do It

Industry: Industrial Construction

Tag: plasma, lightning, fire


What They Ultimately Selected: 


Designed by @vanadium1st


Buyer #8

What They Briefed:

Name: Ben Brown

Slogan: Transformation Support

Industry: Spiritual and Healing

Tags: truth, love, honest, trust


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @harshas


Note: The buyer made the logo entirely black


Buyer #9

What They Briefed:

Name: Natural Birth

Slogan: Hypnobirthing

Industry: Doula Services

Tags: birth, calm, butterfly, pregnancy


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @zlilflaischer


Note: The buyer made a color template of his own


Buyer #10

What They Briefed:

Name: Natural Birth

Slogan: Hypnobirthing

Industry: Organic Food, Horticulture, Crops, Farming

Tag: produce


What They Ultimately Selected:


Designed by @ambodo


Note: The buyer chose to combine two variations, the full drawing without coloring, and the curved brand name


Why Does It Matter?

By understanding buyer behavior, including searches vs. results, you can:

  • Tailor your offerings to match their needs
  • Use effective keywords to attract more relevant clients
  • Gain inspiration for your design creations

What's your take on these buyer journeys?

 When you look at the logos in this forum, do they perfectly fit the buyer’s search terms, or do the results surprise you? Any insights or industries you'd like us to explore further? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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That's all was a nice logo, congratulations for all the great seller that has been featured.
A little suggestion for @Logo Maker Team, maybe if any sales that is generated through logo seller can be counted like a regular sales.
Like the ability for seller to do instant payment after buyer purchase logo or given a same weight / rating system, that will be great.

Thank you very much.

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Hey @acreativelogo4u! Have you checked out our insights dashboard? https://www.fiverr.com/logo-maker/dashboard/insights

On 4/21/2024 at 6:58 PM, acreativelogo4u said:

Thank you so much @Logo Maker Team. Very Helpful and informative for a logo designer. If you kindly make a topic about the most demandable searchable as well as high-range keywords It would be helpful for everyone. 


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