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  1. Update*** don’t use auto refresh. Just leave your browser on a search page or inbox. Use the app instead to stay online. Speedy876
  2. Hello Fiverr Community, This is a reminder to be vigilant while conducting business on Fiverr. Just recently, a custom order request came to us in the below format: “I have a book I need proofreading for, approximately 85.000 words. The level of English is very good as it is. I´ll attach a sample chapter. Also, time is not an issue, a few weeks to a month would be fine. Please get back to me with a good quote. Email to xxx.yyyy@gmail.com preferred.” In addition - the attachment sent was not in a document file format such as “PDF, MS Word, etc.”, but rather an executable file (.exe) - meaning it will pretty much run a program on your PC. 1st Red Flag: Person requested a response to an email address. [All communication and details should be relayed within the Fiverr platform]2nd Red Flag: Person attached a file which has no relation to the type of work requested. In other words, running that ‘.exe’ file could launch a Virus on your PC and incur major damage.Simply put - Maintain caution at all times, whether it’s a slow / rush period. Cheers, ✩ Speedy876 ✩
  3. Don’t accept the cancellation, engage Customer Support, state your case and explain that this buyer is trying to swindle you after receiving the completed work. You should be favorable in that case. All the best. Regards, Speedy876
  4. @rozelia - As long as you need a seller to do a task for you, it comes at a price. This price should be paid before the seller begins any form of work and it must be paid through Fiverr’s platform; not outside of Fiverr. Furthermore - The way in which the buyer addresses the seller is what is important. Sending a message in the middle of the night with only “Hi” or “Hello” is pretty much unprofessional, as if to say it’s a friend. The more constructive approach would be to send a message with all the details of what you need and if they can provide a quote and turnaround time for such a service (If it is not self-explanatory from the gig page, or if you require something more complex). Kind Regards, Speedy876
  5. @rehmat_laal - no pick up my friend, the forums, as well as the Fiverr CS can be brutal. Conduct is key. Kind Regards, Speedy876
  6. 🙂 You should see some of them rant. Thanks @miiila
  7. This post is really to reiterate how easily one can face disciplinary actions after creating a Fiverr account by underestimating how important one’s own actions are. As a new user: Entering the forum without a single sale, with a post giving advice - Will cause you to be mercilessly crucified by experienced sellers and buyers alike. This may not only damage your little feelings and forum image, but may cause you to receive limited help when you actually need it in the future from forum folk. If you are new, but on the buying end - engaging a seller asking for personal contacts and refusing to discuss work on the platform may result in us sellers trying to respond to you, only to see “This page is no longer available.” - NB - This may also hurt your little feelings and we sellers may actually be grateful, assuming the Fiverr admins got rid of another spammer before we could report them. As a buyer or seller - While things may not go our way every time, we may want to still remember to be professional in our dialogue. Sellers - Unrealistically raising prices or Missing countless deadlines - will affect sales and your delivery rate respectively. Buyers - Some sellers having higher prices for a similar product doesn’t mean their pricing is unrealistic - This may actually be a hint that there is something that you yourself are missing (Quality / Turnaround time). The consequence here is that you may run to the more pricey seller after getting a bad job for being cheap the first time. Bottomline: Before you assume, learn the facts.Before you judge, understand why.Before you speak, think.Cheers, Speedy876
  8. @media_inaction - the possibility exists this may be due to the account for the buyer you’re attempting to contact may be undergoing some form of review, as I just tested and was able to send a message without an issue. Is this happening for all messages or messages just to one particular client? Regards, Speedy876
  9. Very good point as well - the repeat buyers are basically what keep most existing sellers going. Continuous sales for years. Can’t get much better than that in addition to the new buyers every week. Regards, Speedy876
  10. @mackstack - sounds good, start with something reasonable for your basic $5 package, maybe some advice and something easy, then in your standard package, offer something for $50 and maybe $100 for premium deal and see how it goes. You may need to add lots of portfolio samples to gain a little trust seeing you will be just a beginner in the eyes of the buyers until you have a little reputation here (Remember everyone will have the option to write-up some belly-bulging experience (fact/not), but the order reviews are what people take seriously, so start small, then work your way up to a $200 package if you will. All the best! Regards Speedy876
  11. Simply put, a revision is not a revision when the buyer asks for something outside of what was the initial agreement. As such, if you offered proofreading and the buyer asks for adding or removing content as a revision, then that can be considered outside of the initial agreement; otherwise, if there was something that was done incorrectly or that they need clarification about, then it may stand valid. Regards, Speedy876
  12. This is not recommended. You have made a handful of gigs but have yet to receive a handful of sales. It’s not about how many gigs you make, but how effective each gig is. Additionally, Fiverr only recommends one account per seller; otherwise, you may risk having them all disabled. You must invest in your already existing gigs, as there are sellers who have 1 gig with over 1000 sales. Your existing gig images don’t say much about your gig, which would not incline any buyer to click and order. You need to adjust some of the gig pictures to explicitly say what you offer (which should be competitive with your competitors), without them having to open the gig to review the details. That way, they can know if you’re for them while just scrolling through the categories. Furthermore, please ensure to read the Terms of Fiverr before doing business or getting involved heavily in the forums. Cheers, Speedy876
  13. @fonthaunt - This is an excellent post; one other thing I believe may be helpful is to include that, while contributing via these gestures may be helpful, it may still be quite impossible to become a TRS without having an undeniable track record as it relates to sales and service to clients. *Some newbies may have already drawn a blue print to execute all these gestures without first attaining the primary goal of being a meritorious seller. Kind Regards, Speedy876
  14. Good tips. These will be helpful, mostly for existing sellers. Kind Regards, Speedy876
  15. Happened to us once, lost around $800 from that order. The thing is, apparently PayPal’s Customer Support is higher than Fiverr’s CS. Seeing they operate independent of Fiverr, it would make them somewhat of a Bank if you may. The order would be completed here, and instead of raising the case with Fiverr’s CS (Who would look through the order process and determine a course of action based on the facts of the actual order), they would raise an escalation to PayPal, who would only view their case as a form of discrepancy or fraud, without even caring for an order process with details on Fiverr’s platform between you and the buyer. A client got away with over $800 after getting a completely polished document, and there was nothing Fiverr’s CS could do apart from advise they will see if a possible compensation can be done, which unfortunately was not done. These aren’t very common, but as @fonthaunt mentioned in her first comment, this may happen to nearly every seller at least once. Hopefully there will be a better rapport between Fiverr’s CS and PayPal’s CS in the future regarding this, but it would not be recommended to hold your breath. Keep delivering quality work and call it a loss; something every business owner will face at some point, sooner or later. All the best, Speedy876
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