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  1. Well, the message has now changed when you withdraw funds. Now the email states: “Please be patient as funds may take up to a few days to appear in your PayPal balance.” …always took less than a minute for me, but not anymore…? Hmmm.
  2. UPDATE: At 1:55pm, after hours on the phone with my hosting company (and nothing amiss) and exchanging more than 40 emails with Fiverr support, I received my withdraw notice =) YAY! Still don’t know what happened yet–though I do hope Fiverr will let me know if they discovered it on their end. I’ll post what happened if I find out…
  3. …and another: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/revenue-withdrawal-through-paypal/
  4. Another person having problems with this: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/withdrawal-problem-5/
  5. This is just an attempt to discover if anyone else is having this issue, so it can be recorded and hopefully help Fiverr support identify a problem. I have been able to withdraw to my Paypal, from Fiverr, for nearly a year. About 6 days ago, my ability to withdraw just…stopped. Here are the facts: My Paypal email has not changed in 10 years. The notifications are NOT going to my spam. I receive OTHER emails from Fiverr through this same email address successfully. I have done my daily business through this email for 10 years successfully. When contacting my own hosting company, the tech and i went through every aspect of the email situation on MY end and we have no receipt of receiving ANY notifications from noreply@e.fiverr.com. noreply@e.fiverr.com is in my contact list, is mark as important and has a filter preventing it from going to spam. I have tried to withdraw funds and get that notification email 31 times as of this writing, all with no success. I’ve been working with Fiver for more than 4 days on this issue, and they tell me; They have not received any “bounce messages” from my email. They say they have record of 29 emails sent (I’ve tried 3 more times since their last response–that’s where I get 31 tries from). From Support: "I understand that you hoped that we will be able to resolve this and we hoped for the same, but there is no issue on our side so there is nothing we can do. Our Technical team just confirmed that 29 withdrawal emails were sent to the PayPal email address on your Fiverr account. "I’m not sure if your private email provider did some changes or what is cause for you not to receive them, but the issue is definitely not on our side. "I would suggest you to contact your email provided to check with them what is preventing those emails to come to your inbox. "We hope that you will be able to resolve it with them, and if not, as an alternative and faster resolution, we recommend changing the PayPal email on your Fiverr account to either Gmail or Yahoo. “Let us know if there is anything else you need our assistance with.” There is a serious problem if I mess with my PayPal address…as Fiverr is only one part of my business and I have numerous accounts using the same address. ANYONE ELSE HAVING PROBLEMS?
  6. Okay, I’m glad I found this discussion, as I have been successfully with drawing funds for nearly a year and last week it stopped. Been working with Fiverr support for nearly 5 days now, but it’s not resolved. My Paypal email address is correct, I receive emails from Fiverr and everyone else through this same email address, but NOT the “Paypal withdraw notifications”, which come from noreply@e.fiverr.com. Is anyone having this same problem…NOT RECEIVING THE PAYPAL WITHDRAW NOTIFICATIONS?
  7. I’m so GLAD, manaaraa_art…because your gigs look awesome…AND you have quite a few amazing gigs with 5 star reviews! Keep going!!!
  8. Thank you, adelinewinata, you’re very kind…and keep going–you are a VERY talented person. Love your gigs =)
  9. Thanks simplysoccerpro! Isn’t that the truth though–giving your best?? That’s really what makes us stand out and it shows in the testimonials, doesn’t it!
  10. Yup, Fiverr is totally real…and it keeps getting better and better =)
  11. That is AWSOME, Jorge!! Nice to meet you, man =) Isn’t it fantastic that we can find ways to take care of our families, doing what we love to do? Does it even GET better than that? Keep rockin it, my friend–you have some serious talent there. Wish you all the success you can POSSIBLY handle (grin). Jaime
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