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  1. Update*** don’t use auto refresh. Just leave your browser on a search page or inbox. Use the app instead to stay online. Speedy876
  2. Hello Fiverr Community, This is a reminder to be vigilant while conducting business on Fiverr. Just recently, a custom order request came to us in the below format: “I have a book I need proofreading for, approximately 85.000 words. The level of English is very good as it is. I´ll attach a sample chapter. Also, time is not an issue, a few weeks to a month would be fine. Please get back to me with a good quote. Email to xxx.yyyy@gmail.com preferred.” In addition - the attachment sent was not in a document file format such as “PDF, MS Word, etc.”, but rather an executable file (.exe) - meaning it will pretty much run a program on your PC. 1st Red Flag: Person requested a response to an email address. [All communication and details should be relayed within the Fiverr platform]2nd Red Flag: Person attached a file which has no relation to the type of work requested. In other words, running that ‘.exe’ file could launch a Virus on your PC and incur major damage.Simply put - Maintain caution at all times, whether it’s a slow / rush period. Cheers, ✩ Speedy876 ✩
  3. @rozelia - As long as you need a seller to do a task for you, it comes at a price. This price should be paid before the seller begins any form of work and it must be paid through Fiverr’s platform; not outside of Fiverr. Furthermore - The way in which the buyer addresses the seller is what is important. Sending a message in the middle of the night with only “Hi” or “Hello” is pretty much unprofessional, as if to say it’s a friend. The more constructive approach would be to send a message with all the details of what you need and if they can provide a quote and turnaround time for such a service (If it is not self-explanatory from the gig page, or if you require something more complex). Kind Regards, Speedy876
  4. Simply put, a revision is not a revision when the buyer asks for something outside of what was the initial agreement. As such, if you offered proofreading and the buyer asks for adding or removing content as a revision, then that can be considered outside of the initial agreement; otherwise, if there was something that was done incorrectly or that they need clarification about, then it may stand valid. Regards, Speedy876
  5. Good tips. These will be helpful, mostly for existing sellers. Kind Regards, Speedy876
  6. Happened to us once, lost around $800 from that order. The thing is, apparently PayPal’s Customer Support is higher than Fiverr’s CS. Seeing they operate independent of Fiverr, it would make them somewhat of a Bank if you may. The order would be completed here, and instead of raising the case with Fiverr’s CS (Who would look through the order process and determine a course of action based on the facts of the actual order), they would raise an escalation to PayPal, who would only view their case as a form of discrepancy or fraud, without even caring for an order process with details on Fiverr’s platform between you and the buyer. A client got away with over $800 after getting a completely polished document, and there was nothing Fiverr’s CS could do apart from advise they will see if a possible compensation can be done, which unfortunately was not done. These aren’t very common, but as @fonthaunt mentioned in her first comment, this may happen to nearly every seller at least once. Hopefully there will be a better rapport between Fiverr’s CS and PayPal’s CS in the future regarding this, but it would not be recommended to hold your breath. Keep delivering quality work and call it a loss; something every business owner will face at some point, sooner or later. All the best, Speedy876
  7. Agreed. It will work much better when all messages are specific in what is needed and when they need it, rather than a Hi or Hello in a single message waiting for a reply. It wouldn’t be shocking to see how some of those buyers actually prepare an application letter for a job. Regards, Speedy876
  8. @raimi86 - You have some very good points. The key to all of this is that some new sellers are just as good as TRS, and of course may have less work load; thus, more time to spend investing in an order, which therefore contributes just the same to the building of the FIverr community. On a different note - you seem to be quite talented as it relates to designing. The little banner at the top of this post is unique; additionally, the profile images of the gigs you created are pretty good, and that ‘text in wood’ gig has the potential to explode. Two suggestions to really shine here. Please push the gigs that stand out the mostPlease try at best to avoid toe-to-toeing with others with varied opinions.All the best my friend. Cheers, Speedy876
  9. @cyaxrex - Couldn’t agree more. Some persons even want the work done in extremely short deadlines but ram their feet on the brake whenever you mention that it comes at a different cost than the standard delivery. (expecting the sacrifice to flow from a one way street). On the flip side, when sellers are a little late delivering their work, it would be a shock how many actually ‘sacrifice’ some patience. @fastcopywriter - The problem with those sellers - they don’t know what they want, but because they spent some money - expect you to know what they want; not even a mind reader can figure out what an indecisive person wants. Crazy. Ironically, one of Fiverr’s best features is that refund feature!
  10. @irfanisrael - cant say for sure what caused it to disappear from the search, but a number of persons seem to have noticed a slight decrease in traction since the Fiverr search algorithm changed. You will possibly even see newer sellers with less reviews etc. above yours in the search categories as well. Main thing is to keep delivering, keep getting reviews (daily if possible) to keep your weekly/monthly average relatively high to remain competitive. The tips in this thread may help, as the more you’re online, the more you’ll show in search results from buyers looking for online sellers to action their queries promptly. Please share if any changes occur. Kind Regards, Speedy876
  11. Posted - Should see it in the top 10 thereabout
  12. Hello Fiverr Buyers, Everyone knows how much all buyers appreciate excellent sellers. This tip is simply to remind all buyers that sellers also appreciate excellent buyers. There are some buyers who will use the inbox feature to ‘test’ sellers, similar to how friends simply throw a ‘Hello Dear’ or ‘Hi/Hey you’, with no details as it relates to what they need assistance with. What’s worse, some buyers tend to load their keyboard guns with these bullets in early AM hours and fire them uncontrollably at sellers who they see with an ‘online status’. Simply put, the reason you may not get favorable or immediate replies is because this approach is unprofessional/annoying so to speak, especially if one is to check the message (half-asleep) only to see a “Hi”. -> Get the point across, properly structure your messages with what you want, when you need it and/or relevant queries. On Fiverr, professionalism isn’t a one way street and all of us need to remember, regardless of the availability of the platform 24/7, it is still, nonetheless, a place of business. All the best. Cheers, ✩Speedy876✩
  13. Those buyers are definitely the ones who cause existing sellers to ‘not’ want to stay online. We can just call them ‘dear’ buyers. @fastcopywriter - actually preparing a post for this in the Buyers’ section.
  14. Yeah, sometimes some will do that… but then, as a new seller, i’m certain that would be a dream seeing they are most times desperate for those first few orders or some form of acknowledgement/chance to get the ball rolling. More experienced sellers may not do this, but hey - it could help when there’s a drought or a massive drop in your rankings/sales. Regards, Speedy876
  15. It seems all the sellers serious about Fiverr check their Fiverr App before bed and as soon as they rise. Good job with this - seeing you’re even up to 74 reviews after 2 months of joining! Regards, Speedy876
  16. @taverr - This will in no way negatively impact you as a seller if your goal is to gain sales. As an effective seller, you will almost always have your phone or device nearby which has the App installed. If you’re away from your PC and get messages on your phone from buyers who see you online, you’re sure to respond within a fairly good time frame, whereas if you’re not online, you’ll ‘never’ show in their results when they hit “Show online sellers”. Some buyers will see your gig as an exact fit for what they’re looking for and order right away, possibly leaving you with 10-12 new orders when you wake up in the morning. It is up to you if you see these things as negative results. A true entrepreneur will always go above and beyond to ensure success even while they sleep. Regards, Speedy876
  17. Agreeing with @kjblynx. Neither the website nor the App keeps you online at all times. After a while of inactivity, the profile goes offline until you conduct some form of activity once again. Regards, Speedy876
  18. Hello Fiverr Community, Some persons in the forums and via messages have been wondering how to maintain visibility, traffic or simply stay competitive when they’ve not yet ranked on the first page of High Rating or possibly not yet a Level 2, Top Rated or featured seller. One of the prominent methods if you’re not working as a team is to utilize the refresh always add-on/extension for Chrome or Firefox. The prominent one for Chrome is called “Super Auto Refresh” which can be found and added in about 30 seconds from a Google search. After installing this, it will allow you to choose a page/tab that you’d like to refresh every “custom” seconds/minutes you like; this will keep your Fiverr profile constantly ‘online’ as long as that PC remains connected to the internet (even while you sleep) to keep you in the search results when buyers hit “show online sellers”. Firefox has two good options, namely “Auto Refresh” and “ReloadEvery”. (Recommend only using if you’re a seller who responds to requests within a few hours, else it may do more harm than good for your rep). The Fiverr App. This works pretty well in maintaining an ‘online’ status, so long as you are logged in on the app and keep it open. Last but not least, if you work a 9-5 and pretty much consider Fiverr your evening/second job, Android devices/smartphones have apps that function the same as the items in the first point. Two of these are “Dolphin Tab Reload” and “Auto Refresh Web Page Utility” from the play store; others may be available from the Apple market, but one who uses an Apple device may research on that further. On a lighter note, one may sit at their PC with coffee for Hours and literally browse Fiverr relentlessly, or hit F5 on their keyboard until the button pops out. Have a great week! 🙂 Cheers, ✩Speedy876✩
  19. These are those lovely occasions that the report button is touched like a big button that says “Hit me baby one more time!” 🙂 Thanks for the note @fonthaunt. Kind Regards, Speedy876
  20. Great tips - NB however - on that last note, to post links in the Forums - that’s only allowed in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section; otherwise, you may see it disappear like magic within seconds. All the best guys. ~Speedy876
  21. Honestly doubt the point blank reason was that you ‘edited your gig’. it’s a part of staying competitive to update something on your gig every now and again; the only problem is that, what you update - must not violate anything in terms of TOS, or an update that can cause disinclination/hindrance from customers or even sellers (such as copying gigs etc.). If you are concerned about it heavily though, we would suggest contacting CS about this, as a denied gig- is only denied for a valid reason, not for trying to stay competitive legitimately of course. ~Speedy876
  22. Very good job. Congrats on the progress so far with FIverr. Very good tips - keep it up!. Cheers, Speedy876
  23. Informative. One can be brief and capture all the necessary details, or one can also be expressive and be just as effective. This sometimes may come down to the gig category and of course, how you choose to lay it out. Bottomline - Clarity, simplicity and accuracy are key. Regards, Speedy876
  24. From our standpoint, there are two aspects that could possibly resolve this solution from a fair, cooperative and lenient position. 1, As seen earlier, there should be a button, similar to the report button we use in our inbox, that is attached to each ‘Buyer Request’ post that goes up. 2. The visitors of the buyer’s request section are most times (Sellers looking for new bids to bid on); these sellers would now be more in a position to spot ‘spam’ in the buyer’s requests. The report button can then be clicked by the observer. This would trigger CS to scope it out and delete the reported post, similarly to how they respond quite promptly to an actual report of inbox spam. Something similar to this principle exists in Canada, where there’s a phone number for anytime a driver spots a pothole. One phone call, and within a few hours, that pothole is filled. This will put the onus on us sellers to just hit that button (similar to how we hit the ‘Send Offer’ button) anytime we see fit. Hence, less obligation on actual admins or CS to independently monitor these, because as @fonthaunt mentioned, there are still sellers who at times use the buyer’s request section legitimately. As it relates to punishment, as @emmaki said - ‘earning’ sellers who are found guilty, could actually face a fine of a few bucks anytime they have been “reported using ‘The Button’ for spamming the BRs, & found guilty.” Additionally, new sellers may be warned (not necessarily banned, as they may be new and really naive to how the system works. Regards, Speedy876
  25. Well this is ironic; we played ‘ping-pong’ with the cancel/decline button for a week, with a buyer who had us edit a 55,000 word document, flawlessly. We dared him to show us just one area that he found a discrepancy/error, one single one. His only excuse was - “there wuz many erors and even terrible spilling, and no it’s not my job 2 show yuu guys… that’s yore job.” – This person’s order received over 3000 corrections due to their horrendous grammar and discombobulating writing style. Formulating a case about this to CS was done in no time, and did we enjoy that game of ‘ping-pong’. The buyer was sacked from the site within 5 days, and of course - everything else went in our favor. Newbies - don’t be afraid to play ‘ping-pong’ if you know you delivered profound quality; if the buyer is adamant that there was something unsatisfactory, please have them direct you to it and please try your best to address it. If there’s no logical explanation or cooperation from their end, retort to Customer Service, and yell “Game on.” Hint - If you hold out for long enough to even spot a threat from them about a negative review etc., you can use that as hard evidence to have them spanked by Customer Service. Cheers, Speedy876
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