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Featured in 'Remixed' on Fiverr ​🙂​

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I was featured in 'Remixed' on Fiverr, where a select group of professional composers were invited to remix tracks, and I joined in with my remix, showcasing my talent—naturally incorporating orchestral sounds. It was an incredible experience, especially because I was the only one to take such an approach. Here's the video and the specific moment where I make my appearance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTZgvRjUM44&t=548s

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many thanks 😊 Yes, I use Cubase Pro 13 and keep it updated year after year because it's absolutely worth it. Each year brings even more incredible features, and I truly adore it—it's exceptional. I've been following it since its beginnings as software for the Atari ST computer in the late '80s. Later, it expanded to other platforms like Macintosh and PC. Now, on the PC, it's performing at its best, and I'm very pleased with Cubase on this platform. I have 64GBs of ram 😉

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