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Anyone earning $500+ a week


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Man these threads. Work hard enough and make $xyz a week month hour year. Tell me something, are you asking this as a part of your fantasy, or as a part of a strategy?

A successful business doesn’t begin with the bottom line, it ends with it. If I’m getting $500/week, I’m working. If I’m getting $5 week, I’m working. There’s no magic fairy here, just work. You’re in Australia (ouch, bad exchange rate plus PPP. Unlike someone from the Philippines, India or Pakistan, you’ve got a real question.

Get a crappy retail job and build this up on the side for $$$, and be serious about your online business. Or gain relevant tech exp then… look, all of these online sites are lowballers. You might make it, you might not. This kinda question makes no difference. I started working here because I thought it would be neat doing a few gigs here and there and not having to drain my bank acct for online purposes. There were no expectations. It happened, because I was already online and I worked like I always do and people seem to like what I’d never buy (I’d want them to better than me and I guess I have an inflated opinion about my skills, warranted or not).

I’m assuming you meant 500 USD. here btw. Not sure my advice would change with AUD! Get to work, boy.

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PPP = purchasing parity power. Basically, simplest way to explain it is the Big Mac Index, which I think most people will know of: the Economist made a graph that showed how much a McDonald’s Big Mac costs in various countries (in USD equiv.)

When it comes to multinational corporations like McDs, it’s trying to get the most profit out of the market while not overcharging. ANZAC seems to suffer more than most nations here, which is in part due to being “all the way over there”, as well as enjoying the benefits of developed and wealthy economies. Video games, for example, are often significantly more expensive than in the US, even accounting for exchange rates–and even if it is “digital delivery” (so no shipping costs, importation taxes, warehousing, distro, etc). I understand that the internet is also pretty pricey too.

In the UK, PPP is also evident that if a tech company launches a fantastic new product in the US for $300, it’ll be £300 in the UK. (and 300 EUR–but that’s OK, since the EUR/USD exchange rates are pretty much at parity. 1 GBP however, is not.) So, while companies will use the shipping etc costs to justify higher UK costs, that doesn’t explain the PPP across the channel.

Basically, it’s economist jargon that companies and accountants like to use, relying on the fact that most people are too overworked to really question it, or at least those that do just yell about it on online forum and comments, where it’s about as impactful as an angry shout into the void. Don’t forget, it’s also common practice to bury bad news under an avalanche of dead people from terrorism/natural disasters. It’s good PR sense, after all. That is another, unrelated subject though…

There’s more to it, but I’m starting to bore myself now 🙂

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Some make $500, some even more, it depends on what you do. What they’re doing is delivering quality work most of the time. I say most because quality is subjective, and sometimes buyers don’t see it even when they get it.

The most I ever made was $1,935 in one month, so that’s almost $500 a week. If those sellers are like me or better, I can assume they take Fiverr seriously, they check it several times a day, they’re never late, and they build good relationships with repeat clients.

With that said, most of my money comes from new clients.

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I’ve never made $1935 in a month on Fiverr, maybe I’ve made close to $1600…but of late, I’ve been making significantly less…but that’s okay…I price my services so low that if I were to make that kind of money, I would find myself working 20 hours a day. Right now, I’m at a stage where I’m just happy with whatever I get, worked non-stop for 2 years and now just want to take it a bit easy.

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I’ve had a good 2 years at Fiverr, now thinking of building passive sources of income, such as writing eBooks. I think article writing Gigs are the hardest, they tire you out, especially if you are someone who works really hard to make every article original and interesting, as I do. I am pretty much exhausted right now.

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Guest merantiruna

That sound terrible. I can’t imagine. I think hard working not enough to reach 500$ for a week. Should do smart time and smart work.

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@emmaki @fastcopywriter @writer99025 @misscrystal

This is a nice question and it depicts whether you can be sure about the income and your livelihood with Fiverr.

I made that much outside Fiverr doing same thing what I do in Fiverr. However, the assignments in Fiverr are small and takes much less time. It also provides a good experience which is not related to being rich through this alone.

Garnering a decent $2000-$5000 per month would be difficult not because of PPP and Exchange rate but because of normal distribution and Average Selling Price (ASP) of orders in Fiverr.

People come here for:

  1. Small and Cheap GIGs
  2. Repetitive and low involvement jobs (Read Manual Work)
  3. Fiverr branding of getting anything for $5 raising the expectation of buyer with that price only. Certain perks such as custom offer and packages do the trick to earn more through higher deals but for only some sellers.
  4. Competition which takes it further down (pricing death spiral)

If your ASP is $5 (you get $4) - Weekly Order = 125
If your ASP is $10 (you get $8) - Weekly Order = ~63
If your ASP is $25 (you get $20) - Weekly Order = 25
If your ASP is $50 (you get $40) - Weekly Order = ~13
If your ASP is $100 (you get $80) - Weekly Order = ~6

Let say someone is actually earning $100000 per year.
Monthly Revenue = $8333.33
Gig Monthly Sales(Adding to adjust 20% Fiverr commission) = $10416.66

Number of Gigs (Per Month):

  1. ASP is $5 = 2083.33 !
  2. ASP is $10 = 1041.66 !
  3. ASP is $25 = 416.66 !

Now you can check the deliveries of people in last one month or a day, for lets say 5 day. And can know whether those guys actually clock what you think. Custom order can be different but going by how Fiverr works high custom order such a $1000 would not be common sight.

Hope that helps, from a consultant’s perspective 😃

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