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Dear Buyer, Sincerely, Seller


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I’ve noticed some unfortunate posts, throughout these past couple of Holiday weeks. Sellers furious, Buyers feeling cheated. I See a lot of good responses from the community, laced with pile-on add-ons by others in the same situation. I’ll keep it brief, and I sincerely hope it will help all buyers, and in turn, sellers.

To all buyers out there, please consider some of the following:

  1. You’re hiring someone, so interview thoughtfully. Nowhere does it say you MUST order before speaking to a seller about the project. A lot of sellers encourage interaction outside of purchasing the gig.

  2. How often have you yourself been hired, and been told you’ve got a probationary period? Well, consider a $5.00 gig, or a low monetary value gig your FIRST purchase to get a sense and feel for the work ethic and capability of the seller.

  3. Remember that you have motives and a personality and you may need a seller who can reciprocate on those attributes to be synergistic for you and the seller. A laid back seller and a micro-managing buyer are only a recipe for chaos. There are MANY duplicate gigs out there, so the selection is in the buyer’s favor.

  4. Lastly, take your time. It’s not the sellers fault you have a commitment or a deadline that you promised to deliver on. Communicate urgency prior to buying a gig if it’s warranted. Shop around for someone with less items in their queue. Give a new guy a chance, you may be surprised.

And remember, behind the computer, we’re just people doing the best that we can.

Happy Holidays Fiver Buyers & Sellers.


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