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my success score experience

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hello Fiverr community,

my success score was 5 and it decreased to 4 i had like 10 then and i started working hard with new clients I got like 5 sales , last order was a week ago but my success score is still at 4 , (I'm sure that last 5 orders has received positive private , public review) so is it taking more time , or I'm I still doing wrong , or they fix my success score because is now at the last search results and not getting me any sales

thanks and i hope i get answer from you beautiful people

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Good day, as per my experience it is taking time to see changes in success score, but it is worth mentioning that public rating isn't the only factor in defining your success score, I believe private feedback which isn't visible to us (sellers) is the most important factor.

But it is taking time, your general, success score won't change every day, it probably takes more than a week to take effect.


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