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Try this:

FIV_Favicon_v1-Green.png.94778d8e575d674c8dff21b1c3f8c825.png Fiverr Forum – 4 Mar 15

37 detailed tips to optimize your gigs and start selling today

Admin Note: Thread pinned in “Improve my Gig” temporarily to offer a new view. How I started: LEVEL ONE: 16 MARCH 2015: I started selling on 7 February 2015, and by the end of the month I had my level 1 badge. Using the material I wrote below, my...

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there are courses out there that will fleece you for $797 for information like this–and not just Fiverr–that you could create yourself for better money.

Or, in other words, you’re walking down the street, and a beggar approaches you. Will you give him $5? Or will you ignore him? You wouldn’t say what I have (that’s just being an ass), but the difference is, there is LOTS OF HELP for your question here, which makes you a redundant beggar.

So go and make a $797 course. Buy a $200 course and repackage it, even.

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What you should do is read the link I left above. Not just read it, but apply it.
Seriously though, a lot people ask for help here which is OK, but in most cases
it’s just "help me."
What kind of help are you looking for, how are you hoping to get help?
Just simply seeing the words “help me” comes across as “I didn’t read everything, I just want people to guide me through a shortcut ( which doesn’t exist BTW)” or simply “Buy my gig please.”

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