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  1. I watched him last night. He is really very entertaining. I wonder what makes Jews so funny, I have a few regular Jewish clients and they are all very funny.
  2. People going through an existential crisis really enjoy the so-called humor by Voltaire and other pessimists. I would suggest you to have at least 1-2 days off a week from freelancing and have a good time.
  3. You need to watch Jackie Mason on Jimmy Kimmel’s show - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUD_WsEh0Bw
  4. Thanks for naming a comedian that I have never heard of before. I will watch him tonight if he is on the Youtube.
  5. I have watched George Carlin and Joan Rivers before. Both are good, in my opinion but George Carlin is more of a social satirist than a comedian. I always enjoy watching that dirty old man but he has never been able to make me laugh. Joan Rivers had a very good timing but she used to tell a lot of XXX jokes which I don’t like in general. Thanks for listing other comedians that you like, I will watch them all for sure. Have a Great Day!
  6. Mine would be:- Jackie Mason Eddie Izzard Russell Peters
  7. $5 is a lot of amount in poor countries like the one that I live in. You claim that you joined about 3 years ago to buy gigs. Didn’t Fiverr look to you Victorian back then? Today, you have the option to ask for as much amount as you want for your services, 3 years ago, getting an order worth $10 was considered pretty rare here. I am calm and I didn’t mean to attack you. I always behave nicely with everybody here and that is the only way I can survive here.
  8. As a writer you can ask for upto $995, and BTW why are you so shocked about $5 after being a member for almost 3 years?
  9. You can make purchases using a “major credit card”. Is your credit card “MAJOR”?
  10. How do I know whether the seller is the one who successfully graduated from the university or the one who still enters the university through the back gate but has never graduated?
  11. You are a hero, sir. Salute! Do your kids also work for Fiverr sometimes?
  12. I have seen buyers giving positive feedback to those services and saying that their followers haven’t dropped since months. I am not sure, this is what I saw. If I had money to buy Twitter followers, I would have definitely tried it once. So sorry for what happened to you.
  13. I think that there should be an option to add funds to your account but unfortunately there is not one.
  14. Genuine traffic is very expensive. My friend knows how to get some fast genuine traffic but he charges much more than these fake traffic guys.
  15. Hey brother, 30k a month is a great amount even if you live in the USA. Where do you live in India?
  16. Reply to @ilovecustomers: Very nice and neat.
  17. Kindly be patient and if you don’t get a reply till tomorrow then resubmit the ticket.
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