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  1. I watched him last night. He is really very entertaining. I wonder what makes Jews so funny, I have a few regular Jewish clients and they are all very funny.
  2. People going through an existential crisis really enjoy the so-called humor by Voltaire and other pessimists. I would suggest you to have at least 1-2 days off a week from freelancing and have a good time.
  3. You need to watch Jackie Mason on Jimmy Kimmel’s show - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUD_WsEh0Bw
  4. Thanks for naming a comedian that I have never heard of before. I will watch him tonight if he is on the Youtube.
  5. I have watched George Carlin and Joan Rivers before. Both are good, in my opinion but George Carlin is more of a social satirist than a comedian. I always enjoy watching that dirty old man but he has never been able to make me laugh. Joan Rivers had a very good timing but she used to tell a lot of XXX jokes which I don’t like in general. Thanks for listing other comedians that you like, I will watch them all for sure. Have a Great Day!
  6. Mine would be:- Jackie Mason Eddie Izzard Russell Peters
  7. $5 is a lot of amount in poor countries like the one that I live in. You claim that you joined about 3 years ago to buy gigs. Didn’t Fiverr look to you Victorian back then? Today, you have the option to ask for as much amount as you want for your services, 3 years ago, getting an order worth $10 was considered pretty rare here. I am calm and I didn’t mean to attack you. I always behave nicely with everybody here and that is the only way I can survive here.
  8. As a writer you can ask for upto $995, and BTW why are you so shocked about $5 after being a member for almost 3 years?
  9. Congratulations, James. Although, I am shocked to read that a hard-working Canadian couldn’t afford a laptop, a couple of years ago.
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