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Turning Level 2: Tips I'd like to share


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Hi there,

So with 50 completed orders I will become level 2 in the next day or so. I created my account almost two months ago and in that time I’ve made some extra cash and got more serious about freelancing and it has also been fun making designs for all different kinds of things.

A few people have asked me for tips so I thought I would put together a small list of pointers I feel have helped me and will hopefully help some new sellers too. 🙂

  1. Encourage messaging first - let them order in their own time.

    I have found that when someone messages me back from a buyer request or just messages me in relation to one of my gigs the easiest way to secure the deal is to communicate effectively and make sure you can provide exactly what the buyer requires, find this out by asking relevant questions. Once I know I can do what they want, I discuss ideas about what direction we can go in with the project and then 9/10 times they will place an order or ask me how much it will be and then place an order. They want to feel comfortable and that they are choosing the right seller rather than feeling rushed into paying.

  2. Buyer requests

    Buyer requests are a great way to build up your clientèle base. You have 10 chances a day to secure a new client, so make each offer count. Read what they want, respond to what they want; think of an initial idea/step forward in regards to the service/product they are requesting. If you do this, you are already more appealing than a large percentage of people replying who don’t send any message (I know on the android app it doesn’t let you include a message-just use the computer or fiverr’s websites desktop version instead). This really works!

  3. Be honest (In your gig descriptions and in general)

    Not being upfront and honest is only going to waste your time and the buyer’s time. Don’t advertise that you’re selling a diamond and then provide a rock, you won’t get any good reviews like that either. Be honest in your abilities, you don’t have to focus on what you can’t do but just make it very clear the services you do offer and discuss with the buyer beforehand to make sure they will be happy with what you can offer. If you can provide what the buyer is looking for and your communication is good then chances are you’ll have a happy customer and a positive review.

    That’s it for now. Maybe I will add more later and best of luck to everyone. 🙂
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idesigngraphic said: 1. Encourage messaging first - let them order in their own time.

Absolutely not. I am tired of answering obvious questions every day:

"“Hello! I wanted to make sure that you would be able to accept my job before I ordered. I have the link to my affiliate site listed below for your review. Also, what else do you need to accomplish the job and what is the turn around time for 5 ads?” "

Really? My gig explains everything, but genius buyer over there can’t bother to read the gig. The messaging feature is a curse. Fiverr should remove it. You want to talk to me? Place an order, provide instructions.

“Once I know I can do what they want”

You should be encouraging ORDERS. If you can’t do it, do a mutual cancellation.It doesn’t hurt your rating, it doesn’t hurt your buyer, it’s perfectly fine.

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Reply to @idesigngraphic: I was a new seller once too, and I didn’t even have a portfolio for some of my gigs, so believe me, buyers are eager to buy, you just gotta lead them that way. If you encourage conversation, they might hesitate and decide to go with someone else.

Furthermore, large orders can come from happy buyers. Please them with $5, and they’ll hire you for $10, $20, $50, etc.

Well, you’re free to do it your way, maybe someday you’ll get sick of messages like I did.

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Reply to @thusie: Well, if you ever want to chat, you can send me a message, just not a message bombardment. Not 2 or 4 messages in a row. I like forum people. At least with them there’s no pressure to sell anything. But when buyers message me, a part of me is happy they care enough to message me, but another part, the bigger part, wishes they would just order already.

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