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  1. He or she might be a reseller that buys from fiverr seller that resell for a profit, as long as you agree for the gig terms there is no problem however if you think that you offer more than what he pays for then you need to fix this by talking to the buyer and negotiate.
  2. Don’t do it, it’s as its against fiverr rule also fiverr suggest to leave a feedback for you
  3. You can have only one account, you should contact customer support before they contact you with bad news.
  4. one account for more devices, more than one account for one or more devices BAN!
  5. Talking about making business outside of fiverr will automatically trigger the worning.
  6. He can’t do that however he can ask for a revision.
  7. you should talk about it with the seller and try to explain your point.
  8. I suggest to take screenshots of your and buyer chat and report him to customer support.
  9. How many revisions do your offer? you should let buyer know if you a revision or revisions are included in the gig also you can send custom offer for additional revision/work.
  10. Replay in the best way possible on move to the next offer.
  11. This is part of working of fiverr, just mark the message as spam and move on.
  12. No, what you can do is to extend the delivery time of course you should talk to the buyer and ask first if she/he agree to do so.
  13. You got a template replay form CS however there is nothing you can do about it.
  14. its funny how i get this pop up message on top of my paused gigs, i think this is a bug but i’m not sure
  15. Congratulation on your first order!
  16. I strongly suggest to not start working on a project without an order, also don’t feel bad for negative feedbacks especially if the potential buyer did not place an order!
  17. What i think won’t change the rules, move one and don’t think about it this is how the system works.
  18. Buyer probably ask for a chargeback via credit card or paypal and then was kicked by fiverr or run away and open a new account to scam someone else.
  19. Begging for help and orders is not the right way to get work here on fiverr, first this forum is 90% sellers second you need to take your time and study!
  20. The attitude of seller isn’t great however your question is not related to a job and just a question.
  21. You sent a 24 hours delivery offer but you didn’t delivered on time but you didn’t done it as promised so i think that is your fault.
  22. This kind of situation can happen to anyone from level 0 seller to PRO sellers, few weeks ago customer support cancel an order without any explanation, so my stats drops no money and the scammer get away with free work.
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