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Tip To Save Your Response Rate After Blocked SPAM (Until Fiverr Fixes)


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Hello Team,

Today I would like to share a small observation. This trick will help out sellers who may have to be away from their desk for a few hours.

ithin 1 Hour of double checking my messages for another message received (from a legitimate buyer this time), I noticed that - That Spam Message I blocked earlier…The timer on it was still TICKING! 😮

What To DO? :-?? - I Hit Unspam, Responded saying “You Will be Reported for Misconduct”, then Hit Report Once again.

This stopped that dreaded little clock from “Ticking My Response Rate To Death!” :!!

A day after I realized that My response rate went to 99% - I Alerted Good ol’ CS about it and they eventually had it restored.

So Just a Tip: BE ALERT With all the little sections of your account… One little slip can cause you to inadvertently sabotage your own profile

  • I Suggest just letting the spammer know they will be reported before hitting Report. IT CAN Save your Response Rate!

    Have A Great Week Team m/



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Guest dwaynexbrown

Absolutely one of the most informative posts I have ever read. This has happened with a spammer who wanted me to email them once, and I did not realize that by blocking them before replying, my response rate was falling… This was a long time ago but it still depicts the same thing.

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