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How to Stay Creative and Motivated


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As a Fiverr seller, your business is based on creativity. People purchase your gigs for your creative talent, motivation and pure ability. Your ability to produce something brilliant and different is what gets you the sales. In a marketplace as competitive as Fiverr, there is simply no substitute for a creative mindset. The fact that you’re here suggests that you’ve got that spark and motivation to do well on Fiverr — but creativity is a resource that depletes all too quickly.

We’ve all been there. Gigs are coming in, which means money in the bank, but they’re all the same as the previous, and you’re starting to lose interest. What’s the point in carrying on if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing? This used to be fun, didn’t it. Working each and every day on the same sorts of project really can beat you down, you’re certainly not alone in getting tired of working by the time you’ve sold a hundred gigs.

But then you’ve got a problem. Now that you’re not feeling motivated, you’re losing your creativity. Once you’ve lost your creativity, you’ve lost your orders — no orders means no money. This is a seriously dire situation no freelancer or Fiverr seller wants to be in. It can mess you up, and it will do if you let it. Starting a business and working online is great fun, there’s a massive thrill to setting up a venture. Managing your finances and keeping a small business running on full steam takes it out of you, and is a lot less fun. So how exactly do you stay creative and motivated?

The Secrets to Creativity

Get outside! Seriously. The first thing you should do in the morning is get 10 minutes of fresh air and sunshine — there’s no better way to get your mind and body going. The effectiveness of this technique stems back to our history as hunter-gatherers, where if we weren’t ready and alert first thing early in the morning, we’d end up going hungry. By spending just a few minutes outside in the morning, your melatonin is suppressed and you instantly become more alert. Being alert and having an active mind helps fuel your creativity and gets the juices flowing. Swap the walk for a jog, add in some music and you’ll feel much more motivated to be productive for the whole day long! The gravity of the benefit a trip outside in the morning will give you is massive. Whilst it may not always be practical and possible (I’d be kidding myself if I said it was), it’s a great way to rejuvenate yourself when you need an extra kick.

Discovered comparatively recently in historical terms, coffee is one of the most effective tools for boosting your creativity. Picture yourself a freelancer; chances are you’ve pictured someone with a coffee cup by their side — or hell, probably even sat working in a coffee shop. Coffee is magical. It actively blocks and subdues your adenosine receptors, leaving your brain working overtime, snapping off neurones and focusing its efforts on getting stuff done. You’re at your most productive early in the morning, so following your walk with a high caffeine drink like coffee will turn you into a motivated, creativity powerhouse. You don’t need to spend a fortune on premium coffee from boutique stores — a quick cup of instant will do just the same job as an expensive Italian blend. Getting some of this liquid creativity down your hatch will help you plow through hours of work without a care.

Something I do to ensure I’m working at my optimum is to switch around what I do regularly. Whilst focusing in on a niche is good business, it can become dry quickly. I’ve identified more than one type of service I’m good at offering, both writing and voice artistry. By having a slightly mixed repertoire, you prevent your work becoming monotonous, which helps improve your motivation, resulting in you producing better quality work for your clients. Not only are you helping yourself remain focused, but offering multiple services is a no brainer in terms of expanding your business and reaching more customers. You can offer up to 20 gigs at one time on Fiverr, so why not stretch yourself a little and see what sells.

Take a moment to write it all down. Whatever you’re doing, it can be transferred to paper. You may think that you’re creativity is running low, but chances are you’re just not seeing what you’re looking for. Jot down any ideas you’ve got on sticky notes and spread them out on your work space. Once you’ve exhausted all avenues of ideas, build a ‘creativity pyramid’. At the top, put your best ideas that would be the most beneficial to your project. Take your other ideas that are related and feed them down the pyramid. Before you know it, you’ve got a brilliant framework for your project, and best of all, it should be exciting for you to work on. As you get to the less exciting parts of the project, you’re nearly complete and having the finish line in sight will ride you over. This technique has worked wonders for me when working on larger, more time consuming projects.

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These are great ideas. I’ve also found that when I’m struggling to get started on a project, just getting a little blood flowing can turn the whole thing around. Going for a quick walk around my house or doing 5 mins of yoga can kick start me for a good few hours!

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I definently see this, and im just starting! ive only gotten 3 orders so far for one type of gig and I really want to do other gigs that I like more, but the other ones bring me money, tough spot lol. thats what creativity solves:) Anyone need cool gigs>? I do lots of custom orders:)

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Guest grafikdoctor

when you are passionate about your work and niche, you will definitely not suffer boredom, nice article…will definitely try the getting outside early and do some stretching.

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Reply to @inet_solutions:

Beside the beautiful sunny day, when I need inspiration and energy, I often do things like biking or walking, small exercises.

And for those bad days, what is very helpful for me is 3-5 min of throwing ball in my mini basket on my door. Like the one on the link: http://www.theriverheadproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/mini-basketball-hoop-for-door.jpg

Maybe funny for you, but works for me 🙂

No wonder that in google headquarters they are offering different type of fun to boos productivity and creativity.

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