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  1. I think I read somewhere that cancelation rate of up to 10% is acceptable. But I can’t remember the source.
  2. Reply to @joeyperezwest: Okay. That was really good man! Thank you for taking the time to share this.
  3. I just wanted people to share their stories. I like stories.
  4. Hey masters, Can you share with me your story of becoming TRS and how you were contacted by Fiverr to tell you the good news, or did you send a message to CS to let them know you are worthy of a TRS status. I thank you for any time you invest into this. Regards, Random Zeus
  5. I am interested in knowing how much time are you guys investing in Fiverr. Regards!
  6. Congratulations on your success. Hopefully it brings you even more customers. Useful gigs, too, bookmarked them for future use 🙂 You’re an inspiration and hopefully in some time we can match your success 🙂
  7. Hopefully it gets fixed for us, too. Our gigs have their thumbnails changed from having a person in them to being a boring blue background. We are hitting record-low views on gigs 😦 Your posts give me confidence that this will be fixed soon
  8. Awesome write-up, thank you so much for your efforts. We believe we are doing most things correct, but these were not just tips for starters, you also put valuable information to get us prepared for exceptional circumstances. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  9. Thank you @ardicus for sharing this. I think more people should be educated about staying safe on the web in a simple to understand way, because we’re using protocols that are by design unsafe, and most education is done for people who already have IT knowledge - and these people are not the biggest target of scammers anyway. For example it’s really easy to create subdomains and simply share a website named fiverr.com.something - as in your case. ALWAYS make sure that the dot in fiverr.com is the final dot. Also SMTP (the protocol used for e-mail transfer) allows you to send emails from ANY address, and put ANY time (you can make it look like an old email). The only real way to be sure is by checking the digital signature - so what I’d suggest instead is that users don’t trust any email telling them to pay extra money or register in another website - QUESTION EVERYTHING.
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