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Are these bad names?


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My buyer wanted brand names: "The web site in a sentence would be ‘a web app that promotes discussion and activities amongst users by linking people based on interests and providing a comprehensive list of things to do in a specific area.’ It’s similar to craigslist in the sense that user’s can post to a bulletin board, but as opposed to dealing with anonymous individuals a user’s can fill out a profile and generate a description of their personality by rating interests and activities. The website then generates a compatibility percentage with other users. That way, if you’re headed up to the mountains to ski and have an extra seat, you can post on the site and find someone with similar interests to split the gas, for example."

I gave him 15, here’s a few examples

2. 123FunBuds.com

4. FunBrahs.com

5. Brafun.com

6. Brulletin.com (Bro + Bulletin)

7. YoBru.com (I can’t believe this one is available)

11. Interezado.com (interested in Spanish is interesado, but since that domain costs $2,300, I suggest Interezado with a z, then it’s $2.99)

12. BucketListBuds.com ($250)

13. BucketListBros.com ($2.99)

14. ZekeList.com

15. ZekeIt.com

16. BudGrab.com (Grab your buddies!)

17. BroGrab.com

18. Brobelle.com (Bro is a guy, belle is a woman)

Now he wants a cancellation. Is he right? Or is he one of those cheap bastards that doesn’t want to pay for the work ordered?

Either way, since he didn’t pay for the work, I don’t mind sharing it here. They’re all available on GoDaddy for $2.99-$9.99 if you’re interested.

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I have a hard time saying that someone is right for canceling if you actually delivered what you promised and they didn’t specify something that makes your delivery poor.

As far as a guess without knowing about the buyer - if they didn’t specify that most users will be male they might have found the list too brah/bro heavy. Some people would even find bud or buddy to be mostly a term for male friends. Craigslist has a wide readership include men, women, other, and a very wide range of user ages so if they mentioned it as a model they might have had that in mind. I really don’t know, though, that is just a random observation. Sorry they canceled on you!

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Reply to @inkpetal: Perhaps you should be offering brand names as well. Those are really good. Did you check on GoDaddy? The really good ones are usually not available, unless you do a 123 or change the spelling or play some sort of trick. Sometimes changing one letter can save you $500-$2,000 from what you’d otherwise pay for the domain.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yeah I checked godaddy, they’re all there :D. Woah, those domain prices are NUTS. Those were all like $17 each or something with pack domain (.net etc).

Haha! Thanks! I would… but I’m not game. I just KNOW the same thing that’s happened to you here will happen to me ALL the time. Client mind and my mind just not hitting the same place. Totally keen to team-up if you get stuck on stuff, and if a client chooses one of my brainstorms you can leave me a tip :D/

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