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  1. Reply to @natalieab @kjblynx: If in fact our timers are glitching and the running in to overtime is supposed to have no effect, in this instance it doesn’t altogether matter. The problem is communication. I’d propose that the modification request process be informing buyers that their product ETA has been extended. In which case a new ETA ought to be given, which would mean adding time to the timer to communicate clearly for both parties. At the very least it would be useful to have the timer no longer on display if it truly has become irrelevant. It’s a feature that simply makes too much sense not to exist.
  2. Reply to @elsproductions: Woah. I’m not experiencing that but it’s one doozy of an issue. This is slow going but if it’s not fixed by the time we get enough names I’ll add it to the notes. Did you post about it in bugs or suggestions? 😕 Ugh, nightmare.
  3. If I’m buying from someone from a country that I know doesn’t have English as a main language I’m more likely to be forgiving of difficulties communicating. Just saying.
  4. Reply to @heronimus: Yeah, it’s worth doing. Aw, shucks. I figured I should share what I’d already learned and spare a few people the learning curve, because it isn’t super fun having gigs in limbo. Plus I just generally like to be helpful and there are bound to be questions and discussions about it, might as well start a dialogue. Thanks.
  5. If you’ve read the news forum, there’s a new feature! Now you can add questions for your buyers which can be mandatory or optional to enter information for as a new part of the process in ordering your gig. Do it now. Yes it’s brand new, but it can’t really wait. If you have an outgoing message to buyers it will appear as a mandatory field for them to ‘answer’, which will stump them if you’re using it as a friendly “Hello, I’ll be right with you” and may hang sales in limbo. Make it short and sweet. Yes you have 450 characters, but it’s really not in your best interests to use all of them. Keep it concise. For example; Not recommended: "You can choose from all kinds of atmospheres that I am able to create. Soft and airy for lounge areas, live and vivacious for cafe environments, dark and brooding for… (etc. for 450 characters)" Try something like: “Please detail what kind of atmosphere would you like the work to have. E.g. Soft/Fun/Serious” Combine related requests Sometimes when you ask two questions they are really two parts of the same one. Don’t force your buyers to copy/paste information into your question fields, it wastes everyone’s time. For example; Not recommended: “Where are you going to hang the artwork (So I know what the environment will be like to make the piece appropriate for the setting)?” + field "What kind of atmosphere would you like the work to have? E.g. Soft/Fun/Serious" Try something like: “What environment will the artwork be hung in and what kind of atmosphere would you like the piece to have? E.g. ‘In a cafe, with a vibrant colourful look’.” Try to avoid adding more than 3 fields. This has already resulted in a stalled order for me. After my first mistake of 2 x 450 character questions which caused the first stalled order I quickly remedied and split it in four- which also resulted in a stall. The less time the buyers have to spend filling out forms the better, because they may just give up. The forms don’t have their own special formatting in your message inbox and just appear as bold and regular text, so big chunky questions can really distract your attention from the buyer answers. Of course, if you want to use up your 450 per inquiry, they’re there. These are just some recommendations based on what I’ve already found to be more effective. TL;DR Keep it clear, simple, and essential. If you have recommendations/corrections/etc. please add.
  6. A teacher for what years? Some teachers would love this kind of thing and happily pay extras to get ideas and research done because - well, you know how easy it is to burn out; An early childhood to primary school educator may be able to offer: An activity with extras of full activity packs designed for early childhood teachers and children that meet EYLF or country equivalent developmental outcomes, classroom theme inspirations with curriculum based suggestions for implication, You may even be able to offer to help with early childhood planning which takes HOURS for a teacher to complete outside of work time. (I honestly wish the world understood that a teacher “getting school holidays off” means “doesn’t get paid to mark a lot of papers and do a lot of planning with no actual holidays ever”.) A secondary school teacher may be able to offer: Curriculum based activity or assignment suggestions - then you can of course add extras to develop these ideas and write the justifications (learning outcome relevance) for them. Lists of recommended texts for certain subject areas, etc… For secondary/high-school students: Assignment or Home work proofreading, Assignment or Home work writing - if you don’t have moral objections, people do offer this service here. A tertiary/trade school/college/university teacher may be able to offer: Learning outcome design drafts, in whatever your specialty is. Proofreading for things like Unit Outlines, or help with them, you could offer to mark digital student assignments. For students: Assignment or Home work proofreading, Assignment or Home work writing. Just a few ideas. I’m not familiar with the medical stuff, but maybe you can think of things that may be useful to people doing those jobs. I hope this gives you at least one idea!
  7. Reply to @alysmcdonough: It’s so strange that when a buyer vanishes off the face of the earth and mutual cancellation can’t be reached that it’s somehow the seller’s fault to suffer. It makes no sense at all.
  8. Reply to @carrieblogger: I’m pleased it is not an issue for you, but advice that sellers should just be faster and get over it overlooks the fact that the timer display needs fixing (both an inaccurate countdown display and events running to “#LATE##” are problems) and that extra time should be allowed when sellers essentially have to do the job a second time. Some sellers aren’t in the position where a modification only means a slight alteration.
  10. Hello all. Please sign your name and have your opinion voiced. Once this thread has reached a total of 50 signatures/unique member posts agreeing with the request I will personally contact customer service and hopefully the community will be noticed on this concerning issue. Even if this does not affect your gigs, please sign to support those it does. What it’s for: Currently a buyer can “Request Modification” a day before a delivery is due and the deadline will stay the same. In most cases it means a complete revision of the work, complete recreation impossible to complete in 24 hours let alone 2*. The timer keeps ticking, late deliveries happen, and buyers can cancel leaving negative automatic feedback AND no pay for the work merely because the seller has been generous enough to offer revisions. This is not a fair or professional situation, and so far my dealings with CS have skimmed the issue preferring to deal with cancellations on individual basis- which is undeniably an incredible effort on their part, but the institution of extended deadlines that are clearly displayed for both parties will simply save CS and sellers a lot of time and effort, and save buyers the frustration of inaccurate deadlines. The Fiverr definitions page states that modification requested jobs go in to ‘rejected’ mode and are on pause, but the timer does not stop, for anyone, so it is not a bug, it is a flaw, but that in itself is not the issue - it is the simple fact that we need deadlines to be not only extended buy displayed for both seller and buyer to see clearly when more work is required. It is not asking too much that Fiverr put something in to development that will make Fiverr a more professional business space. How to sign: Start by writing the number of your signature after the post before yours (1. 2. 3…). Please sign as it’s own comment and reply to others separately. Then copy and paste: I SIGN IN SUPPORT: ADDITION OF TIME TO TIMERS AND DISPLAY OF EXTENDED DEADLINE WHEN MODIFICATIONS ARE REQUESTED *I’ve experienced a delay in the delivery from Fiverr of a modification request notification for 22 hours. Active all day and checking my alerts, it appeared 22 hours after the request had been lodged as a ‘new’ message, leaving me with 2 hours to complete the work. This cannot continue, for any user. Please note that this isn’t an official Fiverr post (nor is it an attack on Fiverr), the petition may not work, but at least we can show the team that the community have united needs that need addressing. Thank you all.
  11. If it’s anything over $5 you’re kickin’ buttes. :D/
  12. Reply to @excellikeapro: I agree with this point on the character length being a hindrance. Often I have too many questions and explanations to fit in to the space at once and additional messages seem like “afterthoughts” and quite unprofessional. It doesn’t happen often, but even an extra 200 characters would make a huge difference.
  13. Reply to @meichelle2408: Hi Michelle, has this been resolved? Customer Support often take over a week to respond because there are multiple bugs, a lot of confusion with changes and so forth. I hope the harassment has stopped. 😦
  14. Reply to @meichelle2408: Has this been resolved for you yet?
  15. Reply to @ytheekshana: This is not a self promotion thread.
  16. Reply to @ghostwriter5: You can’t judge a person by the length of their membership. I’ve had my account for well over a year and only started selling at the end of last month.
  17. I definitely foresee the “CHECK OUT MY GIG” garbage that would inevitably follow in high volume for open chat. It would probably degenerate from a place to talk to a spam wall way too quickly. 😦 I wouldn’t mind the online status feature, superfluous or not.
  18. I dream of the kind of exposure it would take to support myself with Fiverr gigs. I’d love to be offering to do what I love and actually have the chance to make it my life. Alas, no jobs in what feels like forever so that one’s just going to stay in the ‘dream’ category. C’est la vie.
  19. Reply to @adsensewizard: Oh fantastic! Thank you.
  20. YUP. Created a new gig and it took like 10 minutes to accept 3 preview files of about 400kb haha. Just a little patience goes a long way, they just haven’t adapted to how large Fiverr has become yet. They’ll get there. x
  21. Sure, why not. A full-time student with an outrageous schedule I simply can’t find even casual employment flexible enough to complement my timetable. I’m fortunate enough to have a generous and dependable partner but have always felt the drive to earn my own way. Fiverr has let me use what would have been a dead-end knowledge base from a year otherwise wasted on tattoo industry training for something good; to fund my educational needs and have the extra to spend on art supplies for the well-being art class I teach as a volunteer for the disadvantaged in my community (that depends entirely on donations). In essence it allows me to run my own business without having to worry about the mess. It takes a cut but advertises for me, acts as a personal website that maintains itself, it offers a service for me to offer a service and I’m happy to pay for it. Thank you for making business so simple for me Fiverr team.
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