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Illegal characters in description

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I am creating a new gig but fiverr is showing illegal characters error in gig description i have deleted all content and wrote only these few lines but still same...


1. Web designing of custom websites (portfolio, business, ecommerce or personal websites).

2. FIGMA to HTML CSS Bootstrap

3. PSD to HTML CSS Bootstrap

4. Customization and redesigning of sites"

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It could be a bug or something that has been copy/pasted into your gig description. Try reloading the page and copy your gig description into NotePad (not WordPad) on your PC. Then copy it again and paste from there to Fiverr. That should remove any formatting. If all else fails, try to write the description manually in the Description field. 

Now if that doesn't work, and you're sure everything in your description is clean text, you could set up a ticket with Fiverr and ask them for help. You can do so here: Help & Support | Fiverr

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