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  1. WOW! really nice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  2. Attractive GIG image, stay active as much as you can, send buyer requests relevant to job post. Happy selling 🙂
  3. Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work and stay active as much as you can.
  4. Well, I faced some issues after changing my GIG image, lost it's ranking. But yes! you can change when you have done couple of orders in your gig then.
  5. It may fall down your gig ranking. But try to publish your GIG when everything is perfect.
  6. Keep staying online as much as you can. On the other hand, read thoroughly your buyer requests and write on your own words. Do not copy and paste any template while sending any buyer requests.
  7. I have been facing tap & hold, hCaptcha many times for the last 3 days. Why this is happening? Is this for the extention(fivlytics)? Suggest me a good extension that will be authorised by fiverr to get buyer informations too. Thank you guys.
  8. Hello! read the whole job post very carefully and write by your own words in very specific. Happy selling 🙂
  9. Appreciated to your tips...they are really effective. Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. Well, you have to stay online as much as you can and in between you may get buyer requests. Read the whole buyer request properly before sending any proposal. Most importantly, wait for your buyer to reach you out once he/she decides that you are fit for the job. Share your GIGs on Social Media.
  11. Thanks a lot for sharing. It's really considered to get the first order faster.
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