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Community Answers

  1. No, new sellers don't have that option available. Fiverr Portfolio
  2. Well of course it is possible. We were all new sellers when we started.
  3. You're already at a pretty good point. The logo design sector is probably one of the most populated on Fiverr. Here's one of many useful posts here on the Fiverr Forum. Check it out.
  4. Yes, you can promote your gigs in the My Fiverr Gigs section.
  5. But it looks like you didn't even received a single order on Fiverr..
  6. If you want to create an order you must buy from a Seller, from your Buyer account.
  7. If you haven't already, you could make a business out of this! Sounds like a pretty effective strategy haha..
  8. Let's stay humans! We ain't no 24h robots.
  9. That's how it works. It's like a shop, some days you might get more people coming in and some days even no one. You also have to understand that Fiverr tries to give everyone a chance, this means that gigs get refreshed and rotated every once in a while.
  10. Are you talking about the main Fiverr page? Did you saw the message in the Fiverr inbox? The inbox response time gets affected by the time you take to respond to a new message. So yes, if you responded 5-6 hours later from the original message it will get counted.
  11. Let's just say that some people prefer the "easy" and unfair way of doing things. The only thing we can do is report them.
  12. It's like asking a mechanic how to fix a car, there's many things that go into it and you need some experience to get a good result. You can start by reading this. Adding a Video to your gig
  13. Have you got any orders from the old buyer requests?
  14. By how many orders you completed and how many got canceled in the last 60 days.
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