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GIG not ranking & cannot getting any jobs


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Hello dears...

Am new here . Opened my Fiver account a long time ago but still I am not getting any jobs & my gig's impressions n clicks are almost zero.

Pls, suggest what can I do. I am interested to work on graphic design related works.

Waiting for your kind reply.


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Suggest what to do in this condition.

My fiverr account is old . Since I open this account no jobs came yet.

I want to work on Graphic related categories like - Business Card Design , Poster Design , Banner Design, CV Design, T-Shirt Design etc.

My gigs are so poor of impression & clicks .


Pls suggest your valuable reply.

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Hello there, how're you ? Hope your doing well.

I'm happy that you work on graphic design. You're question was your gig not ranking & cannot getting any jobs.

You should also remember that when a buyer searches for a Gig, the Gigs that are shown are entirely different for every buyer and user. Fiverr tries to match Gigs to individual buyers based on their order history, average spend, location, plus several other factors. If your Gig isn't showing for you, it doesn't necessarily mean that your Gig won't rank well for everyone else and may be on the first page of other people’s searches if it's a match for them.

There is no magic trick or quick fix. Staying online for the sake of being online is ineffective. Sharing on social media is also ineffective unless you're converting lots and lots of traffic into orders which won't happen unless you're spending money and time on advertising campaigns and networking properly. Sending Buyer Requests are ineffective if you usually have a price point for your service of more than $5-$10, and you'll be setting yourself up for potential negative feedback as the majority of buyers there aren't nice to work with and want hundreds of dollars’ worth of work for five bucks, then prove difficult and want multiple revisions.

This could be due to many reasons. Some of them may be -  your gig SEO is weak enough to rank it on Fiverr.

1. Title should be targeted keyword, small and eye catching.

2. use most relevant tags.

3. Use keywords in description and write brief description.

4. Eye catching, high resolution gig images.

Hope you'll find a good solution from here. 

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I am also getting gigs at a slow rate, but I have noticed that gigs have been coming in more regularly over the past few weeks.

It helps to try to make your gig as attractive as possible.

  • Do you have professional, high-quality images?
  • Are you showcasing samples of work?
  • Did you make a video highlighting your strengths and showing relatability?
  • Do you have a thorough and engaging description?

On top of that, I've noticed that providing the highest-quality work possible for the gigs you do get is the most important thing. The small successes will multiply once you get reviews and establish a strong reputation.

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20 hours ago, topufahim said:

If I login with multiple android device, is there any chance to banned my fiverr?? 


Why would you login from multiple Androids? I agree 1-2 devices are ok, but who uses more than 2 devices themselves? It shouldn't be an issue, but it does depend on how many devices you login from, etc. And we all assume you have a single account right? Otherwise that's against the rules.

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