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Not getting order, gig impression or not come any buyer message ?



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21 minutes ago, zannat_wp said:

Hi, I am not getting any order or buyer message. I am try to online always active fiverr but no any buyer response late 1.5 years. I share my gig social media but no benefit. at this moment can I do ?

Spamming social media with your gigs and being "online always active fiverr" has no positive effects. 

It might be that buyers simply didn't want to order your gig. One of the reasons could be that you're not truthful about your English skills. You claim to be fluent on your profile, but this post, your profile description and gig descriptions clearly indicate that's not true. Lying to your buyers won't make you succeed. 

Perhaps the service you're offering is also too similar to everyone else, or your gigs aren't that attractive?

Fiverr will market sellers who gets orders. If you don't, Fiverr has no reason to show your gig to buyers. 

You're in over-saturated categories. Thousands of other sellers are competing for buyers. Being unique and offering something buyers need is crucial. 


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