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  1. I want to know why my gig is not ranking. I will create SEO optimized gig. Do you have any error my gig, Please provide your opinion FIverr Gig:https://www.fiverr.com/share/Gd27Yz Screenshot_11254×337 15.5 KB
  2. Try to Contact Customer support
  3. Ok, Thanks for your reply. I am waiting for 48 hours
  4. Send Buyer Request or Share your gig soical media to get order
  5. wait and wait for high competion for fiverr
  6. 20% Fiverr Fee is apply for all seller
  7. I will create a gig already 48 hours ago but not coming impression and views. How can I do this Screenshot_81320×254 17.6 KB
  8. No problem, you can change now easily
  9. Same problem In my gig 6 month no impression
  10. Contact customer support to better support
  11. You can try to always active the Fiverr forum and send buyer requests daily to get an order. Learn More, Earn More
  12. Active Fiverr forum and send buyer requests daily. Choose good keywords to get your gig rank
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