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How to rank fiverr account



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@mariam_funnel you describe yourself: 

'As a digital marketer, my areas of expertise are AFFILIATE MARKETING, SEO OPTIMIZATION, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, and EMAIL MARKETING, SMS MARKETING. Let's Grow Your Business & Take It To The Next Level For Unlimited ROI'

Therefore I'm surprised you're asking the question, however there is a link below to a post I suggest you read if you're serious about growing here. Pay attention to section 3. A very successful seller called Frank_D knows far more than most and you can see his advice there, and it's free!


Additionally, I would suggest you use a photo of yourself (if you are this model then I apologise). Using a photo not of yourself is misleading and against terms of service. You can get banned and buyers won't trust you.

https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/photo-beautiful-black-lady-making-heart-figure-fingers-hands-smiling_28971155.htm#page=3&query=nigerian lady&position=30&from_view=keyword

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