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  1. Fiverr recommended Gig size is 1280 x 769 px. Someone in this forum shared this perfect Gig Image structure you can follow this one. 👇
  2. It's really disheartening thing to you and to newbie sellers like me who are penetrated in this renowned marketplace to meet their goal. Day by day those things demotivated us badly 😔
  3. Warm welcome to this community, hope your new journey will be great.
  4. Welcome to this community. Please read this one it will make you understand about this forum rules 👇 https://community.fiverr.com/forum_rules/
  5. Everyone gets spam messages more or less but spammer mainly target the newbie seller.
  6. Warm welcome and best wishes. Give some times on this community try to understand everything certainly you will get proper guidelines here.
  7. Congratulations! 👏👏 Serve your superior quality service you will get more orders. 👍
  8. In this verification process you have to allow your camera permission from your device. Go to your phone camera setting option and turn on the camera permission and try to complete verification process.
  9. As a portfolio the images shows as your work sample that will showcase your skill to the prospective clients. Therefore no need to add a long PDF document as portfolio just take multiple screenshot and try to present in clear and understandable format as mentioned on the portfolio section.
  10. You should click on the Get Started green button below the intro video then you will get the guidelines and the criteria assign to intro video.
  11. This is the most confusing subject someone says staying online help to show you active on Fiverr that will make sure a good position here, someone says staying online is completely useless clients will only reach you depend on your standard gig service package and eye catchy thumbnail. It's still blur to me which one is absolutely okay. 🙄
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