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In just a few short years, the AI industry has seen a surge in AI tools designed to assist creatives like you enhance the quality, speed and efficiency of their work. Whether you’re a photographer, vocalist, video creator, or producer, AI offers a world of opportunities to simplify elevate your craft.

Our new Seller’s AI hub features a library of insightful articles that highlights how creatives can leverage AI’s potent power to stay ahead in today’s market.

For the AI-powered Vocalist
Technological advancements in AI have revolutionized the music production process. Tools like Izotope's Ozone plugin, Voice.ai, and WavTool’s in-browser workstation make studio-quality tracks possible without endless hours in post-production or large teams of professionals. These tools can help you isolate individual lines, remove background noise, correct pitch and create harmonies with just a simple prompt.

Learn more about the AI vocal tools in our Seller’s hub article here.

For the AI-powered Producer
Producers, composers, and sound engineers can lean on AI for a boost in productivity in several different ways. Help with mixing tracks, repairing audios, and creating new sounds to incorporate in your next track are just some of the many ways AI can simplify the work of an audio engineer. 

Explore the different softwares and tools available to producers here.

For the AI-powered Videographer
Traditional video production can require loads of time and resources, but AI offers accessible solutions for creators looking to improve their workflows and results. From creating a full script in a manner of minutes with tools like Chat GPT to creating a full scene with text-to-video software, AI’s technology makes creating a captivating video easier than ever before. 

For more information on the trends and developments happening in the video landscape, check out our article here.

AI for the Photographer
Believe it or not, AI in photography is nothing new. For example, content-aware removal is an AI tool that has been used for many years now. Even so, recent advancements are reshaping the industry standards while also allowing photographers to maintain their originality and creativity. Photographers can think of AI as their trusted assistant capable of enhancing and reworking their image with just a few clicks. 

Learn more about industry-leading software like Adobe and how it benefits photographers in our article here.

AI is rapidly transforming the creative industry. Creatives who embrace and leverage these advancements can enhance their creative process, achieve outstanding results in a fraction of the time, and stay ahead of the competition. Check out the Seller’s Hub here to stay up to date on all things AI as it relates to your freelancing journey. 

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In the AI industry, tools like Izotope's Ozone and Voice.ai assist vocalists with pitch correction and harmonies. Producers use AI for mixing tracks and sound creation. Videographers streamline production with AI, while photographers enhance images. Embracing AI enhances creativity and maintains competitive edge.

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