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Back from Comic Con :D


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OK so I had an amazing 4 days at San Diego Comic Con, I ran around in my Totoro kimono, met people, went to panels, and took photos.
I came across this beautiful lady in this gorgeous dress, and I had to take a photo of her.
I wasn't sure which character she was, and she told me it was her version of Miss Frizzle.
@vickiespencer, the moment I hear that name I thought about you 😁

I know I need to go back to work....but I don't want toooooooooooooo.



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I love the dress! Do you remember if that was pure embroidery or beadwork? (I can't quite tell)

I'm haunting Adam Savage Tested, to find out what Cosplay he went as this year, and there are a few videos from the con already posted about the Grogu animatronic and the Sideshow Hot Toys booth. (They previously interviewed one of the makers, and wow those are stunning!)

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The dress and the woman is beautiful right?

I believe the fabric patterns were all embroidery, and I'm guessing it was done by a machine.
She still did make the dress though, so hats off to her!!

So my friend showed me this photo, and according to this lady a lot of people did not recognize who she was and was thrilled when my friend guessed correctly.  I looked at the photo for a few minutes and then got it. Anyone else get it? 😉


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3 hours ago, zeus777 said:

If you've been on the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, you've seen the stretching portraits at the very start.

I was like - I think I've seen it somewhere (MAYBE just online, but I was in Disney Paris recently, so!) 

I honestly wish I had the talent and patience to get into cosplay now that I have the time for hobbies! I might swing by the con here (it doesn't sound like a big one, to be honest), I've been wanting to get some shiny knick-knacks and I feel like cons always have them! H&M had this adorable ring with a snake on it so now I'm on the hunt for maybe a necklace and stuff to match ha. 

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9 hours ago, katakatica said:

I honestly wish I had the talent and patience to get into cosplay

I love to see other people's creation but I don't do cosplay myself. I do enjoy making jewelry and such to wear to cons though, you can't see in the this photo but I made a mushroom hairstick to match my kimono. You can always make your own outfit that isn't necessarily cosplay, but if you ever end up making anything I'd love to see it 😁

And here's me taking a photo with the most notorious serial killers in American cinema history and I somehow made it out alive🤣



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