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Can anyone suggest new (high demand)skills I can learn. Not getting any engagements recently😕😕


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Hi @braintool, Take a look at all of the free courses that are available on CreativeLive 24/7!

I saw you offer a variety of services through your gigs, so if you take a look at the CreativeLive site, I'm sure you'll find some courses that will interest you.

You can learn how to create ebooks and interactive PDFs, photography tips, business ideas, and how to design presentations, use all of Adobe's apps, and more.


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8 hours ago, braintool said:

Can anyone suggest new (high demand)skills I can learn.

I recommend improving the skills you currently have. Fiverr already has a lot of people that are experts in their own field. So if you want to become an animator now, it will take years until you can be suitable for offering services here. There are a ton of services on demand right now, that doesn't mean you are good for them. Work on the skills you have and improve them. You can learn new things for fun, but don't expect that new knowledge to help you surpass everyone and generate enormous sales. 

Also, don't ask other people for advice here. Find a niche yourself or create it on your own, that's when you have more sales. If you just copy others... 

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