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  1. 171 / 5,000 I am a new video editor on Fiverr with three years experience and I create 4 gigs on my profile but I didn't get a good answer. Question is that what I can do now, I create 3 more gigs or wait for a good result
  2. I had a goal to work as a PHP developer on Fiverr, initially lacked the necessary skills. However, I was determined to improve and took the time to gain the knowledge and experience needed to reach my goal. Now that I have returned to Fiverr as a senior PHP developer, I am likely well-prepared to take on new and challenging projects and excel in my field. My dedication to improving my skills is admirable and will likely serve me well in my career.
  3. I have been using Fiverr for 5 years not one sale. I tried every approach known to man. I have changed my gigs on multiple occasions to optimize them. I recently copied the exact description from a top seller and made small changes to fit my profile, that still has not worked. I got 291 views and 2 clicks since trying that tactic in November still no sales up to date. I have promoted my page on social media and end up getting clients to work directly with me who refuse to use Fiverr. I'm going crazy, this platform has me questioning my own skills. Please have a look at my gigs tell me what I've been doing wrong these 5 years https://www.fiverr.com/dzinebysleepy
  4. I just started my first fiverr account 1 month ago and to be honest didn't expect to get a lot of orders but I haven't got anything. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
  5. Hello, I am new to Fiverr and was wondering why there is a fund pending clearance stage on my order. One of my friends informed me that it is from the buyer, and the buyer has until the pending money phase to request a refund for the order. So, is that correct? Can the buyer still request a refund during the period, and can they request a refund after the pending phase is completed? On Fiverr, I don't get the refund
  6. ‏I'm in depression day by day because of I'm jobless. Please don't ignore my post.Life does take tests....It's not that I can't do any work I can do I was working abroad last 12 years but suddenly something happen in my life I leave everything's and go back home my father got Strok attack there is no male in my house who care my father I'm only son my father so since 3 years I'm at home with my father only take caring my father I can't go out from house even 1hr since 1 years I trying to find work at home freelance but noting but I'm still trying hope never die there is no other why I can't do job outside I can't leave my father alone even everything disturb home rent kids schooling please request everyone like share comment on my post maybe I get some work to manage my family and father medication hope you understand my feelings
  7. Hello I am new, I was wondering if I am the one will print or deliver the product? I just want to upload a digital art where they can just download and print. Is the third company is the one will print or delivery the product for the buyers?
  8. Hello everyone, I am a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr and offering services in PHP web development. Any tips and advice from seniors about how to improve my services.
  9. As a new seller how can i get my first job. As a new buyer not willing to knock me this is a common thing but how do i did for the buyer knock me??
  10. hi everyone, im a new freelancer on fiverr. please suggest me how to increase my order and fiverr journey?
  11. Can anyone suggest new (high demand)skills I can learn. Not getting any engagements recently😕😕
  12. Hi, I created my profile. While entering information, it asked for my occupation. I have don't have any occupatoin and since it is a required field, I can't leave it empty. What do I do?
  13. Hi! My name is Alyssa and my gig is designing book covers. Is it common o have many different gigs or focusing on 1? I already completed an order placed a few hours ago, which was place only 20 minutes after I activated my gig. SO, I'm super optimistic of my future here on Fiverr. Other things about me: I'm a cyber security major and a graphics design minor graduating in December I have been learning Adobe for 2 years now and practicing cover designs for 4 years for free on Wattpad (an online writing platform). I also dabble in writing my own stories. Looking forwards to being here 😊
  14. I'd appreciate if you check out my account, since I'm new to the platform I put very low prices. Does anyone have any tips to get started?
  15. Hello everyone, my name is José, I live in Argentina and I'm new to Fiverr. I will focus on creating 3D products from ideas, drawings or concepts. If you want you can check out my profile . Thanks! https://www.fiverr.com/joserllambi https://www.behance.net/josellambi
  16. Hi there, I am new to the Fiverr and Fiverr forum. My target is achieved to forum Regular. How to achieve this target and what task I am doing completely? please help me with your important suggestion.
  17. I did Fiverr Joint in November last year. So far I have completed 11 orders but all of a sudden the impressions and clicks have decreased and the buyer knock is not coming. No order, what should I do now. I want advice from experts.
  18. Fiverr should implement the ability to create new folders (1), then add multiple chats to one or folder (2) which can be renamed according to user's input. They should then be able to display only the chats contained within said folder by choosing from a dropdown list (3). This would be a great way to focus the chat view and organise a lot of sellers who may be a part of different projects into manageable categories. See screenshot attached for reference (i have numbered them above).
  19. I am new in fiverr. how can i grow my gig?
  20. How Can I Get My First Order And Make My Gigs on First Page. any Tips For Me🙂
  21. Hello friends! i am Atik Fahad Emon.recently i have joined this marketplace because i am facing serious financial issue in my life thats why i came here to work with this marketplace.I am totally a newcomer. I will do my best to work with fiverr! i heard that fiverr changed peoples life! many people were poor,facing financial problem just like me! so therefore if they can devlop then why not me! as a beginner i accepted this challange! maybe i get something to do or it may change my life! so i am hoping something from this marketplace! i would love to share my gig here! if theres a person who can help me by my service then they are welcome! i hope this community gives me something new. a better life! also i will devlop my skills though this works! Thank you!
  22. I'm here with Fiverr for around two years. I have a lot of knowledge about graphic design like logos, Business cards, Flyers, Posters, Brochures, etc. I created some gigs over this product but I didn't stand out my gig withing over a million sellers. That's why I didn't get any buyer messages and anyone didn't hire me. After a couple of months, I was going with no job with that type of product. Even now too I don't get any messages from buyers to buy my graphics-related product. I was hopeless about my family's survival because I had no domestic jobs at all. Then, this Forum helps me to get stand out from other different products that have fewer sellers. But I have knowledge of graphic design and I am thinking I have to use my knowledge and have to earn more money from freelancing by using knowledge with proper use. Are there any possible or best tips for standing out with graphics-related gigs over million of sellers?
  23. Hello I am experienced Network Admin and Windows ,Linux and Mac troubleshooting and it support technician with over 14 Years of Experience and I am new to fiverr and still waiting for a order . If you can please share my gigs and help me to find jobs. Thanks ..... My Profile : https://www.fiverr.com/shenalcharana
  24. I've finally joined Fiverr community.
  25. I have been searching for two days for editing my profile portfolio. Unfortunately I did not find any way to change my portfolio. Is there any to change it?
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