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How to rang Fiverr gig


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There is no specific formula to make buyer request. 

Buyer comes with a problem, always make sure, you are right in point that you can solve his problem. I think it is the most important thing you should keep on mind. 

For reach buyer request, you need to write customised proposal depending on the buyers need. 

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The most important thing in sending buyer request is that you ensure you are able to solve buyer's problems and you must let such buyer know that you can solve the problem by providing some of the answers to the buyer needs. 

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1. Take Time to Understand the Job.
2. Go for the Best Bidding Price.
3. Write a Clear and Concise Description.
4. Maintain Business Casual and Friendly Tone.
5. Address the Needs of the Buyers.
6. Ask a Question (If Any)
7. Talk about Your Expertise Briefly.
8. Buyer Request Write How You'll Complete the Task.

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A good buyer request boils down to explaining your requirements clearly, including all relevant information and setting expectations.

As a seller of programming gigs, I wish buyer requests had:

  • links to relevant documentation so that I can estimate the scope of the work
  • if it's an existing project, a link to the code, or a description of where things currently stand
  • if it's a new project, then the spec of what needs to be built
  • if you expect the work to be done on a particular tech stack, then mention the tech stack
  • expected timelines for delivery and expected cost
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