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  1. Welcome to Fiverr family. Best wishes for your business.
  2. In the freelancing business, the patience is the key to success. I have 4 years of experience doing my selling on Fiverr and it is very important to be patient and wait for the right moment. My suggestion would be to have focus on your skill and be patient for the right moment to come. Best of luck.
  3. Hello, welcome back to Fiverr. As you have come back after long, try to let your previous clients know that you are open for business and taking new orders. If you have repeated buyers before they will surely resume working with you again. This can be the first step. Do share your service to all the social platforms to boost the chance of getting new buyers. Good luck.
  4. Is this feature available for only Top Rated Seller? What is the requirement for eligibility?
  5. This is very annoying sometimes. I have respect to all sellers because we are part of the same system but seller messaging another seller to request work is very unacceptable. I had to deal response rate sometimes because of this kind of messages.
  6. Yes I can understand your point. I have a few buyers who already completed 20 plus order with me and we maintain a very goo professional relationship. They always come to me and I often reach them for work. Someday this streatagy can missfire that I can understand. Thank you. Best Regards Asif
  7. I agree with charlesdike. The service you are offering is not a difficult task to do in this modern world. You need to learn a new skill that general people don’t have. Think a skill that can solve buyers problem then learn the skill and open a service. In today’s world problem solving products is winning by miles. Look around. Best Regards Asif
  8. Hello Fiverr Community, I hope everyone is well and shinning. But I I think I am struggling in this month in terms of sales. The last few month were really good and I made some new buyers and cultivated few regular buyers but in the month of October, nothing is going well. I am doing everything to get the sales on track but nothing seems to work out still. I have edited few gigs, consistingly sharing my gigs to social platforms and contacting my regular and trusted buyers but everything seems off now. 😔 I hope I can overcome this situation soon enough. Check out my best seller gig - https://www.fiverr.com/asifhassanantue/photoshop-remove-background-within-12-hours?gig_id=102618764&utm_campaign=gig_page_banner_1369&utm_medium=shared&utm_source=twitter&view=gig Happy Freelancing
  9. Thank you for sharing all the alternate options to keep busy while we are not getting orders here. But, I am very hopeful person and want to believe if our services are great, we will get sales on Fiverr. Cheers Asif
  10. Nope. I already received a nonsense cookie cutter response from CS. Please note that whenever a transaction is being reviewed by a payment vendor, we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold (for example - stolen credit card or other fraud activities). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users. It is not possible to cancel a transaction or put it on hold over 3-months after funds have already cleared, been withdrawn by me, and used to feed local orphans whom I have to now issue invoices for the trouble. Transactions are put on hold as they are processed in real-time. Chargebacks are different but Fiverr doesn’t care. Yes, I got the same message too but on the other hand, other CS agent contacted me and he was from trust and safety department, he asked for the delivery prove and few more other detail and after approx 20 days he came back to me and refunded the order amount. My chargeback order was a very big amount order but this should not be the concern here because every order should be important and need attention. Yes, it is possible. You will find many cases on the internet like yours and Paypal has rules for that that’s called “Seller Protection Program” please google more about it. It will help you understand. I am telling you Fiverr do care. At least they cared in my case. It was $3000 order and they help me get the total money back. So, please be patient and keep on fighting for your hard earn money. Thank you
  11. I am sorry to know this situation but I can assure you if you delivered the order correctly accordingly to your buyers requirement then you have a bright chance to get he money back from the buyer. You need to provide the prove that you completed the order correctly and then CS will ask for some details. Details can be vary by your order type, so there is no such guideline. Keep fighting. Best of luck.
  12. Hi, Asif! 😎 I’m thrilled to read this update. 🎉 HUGS from me to you! :hugs: Thank you for your message nikavoice. Yes, I think Fiverr is fighting for these cases and I hope they will continue this good work to make a secure payment platform for its sellers. Thank you for your support in this hard time throughout. I appreciate it. 😊
  13. That is the case for me too. I have read so much negative quote about Fiverr CS but in my case, they were very cordial and help me get the money back. 😄
  14. Hello Fiverr Community, I hope you all are doing great today. I am very happy to let everyone know that I have got my money back from that scammed order. Fiverr contact support helped me to get the all the money back from the scammer and CS was outstanding throughout this process. It was a very hard time both for me and my team. But at last, we got our reward for nonstop hard work during the order period. The support from you guys is also appreciable. Thank you so much for your support through this very bad time. But at the end, I am happy that I am able to give you the good news. That’s all that matters. Have a great time on Fiverr. Thank you Asif
  15. Never do that, the buyer has an obligation to request revisions only if they have actual revisions. The buyer needs to be back with revisions within 3 days from the moment you’ve delivered the order, if they don’t conform to this regulation, the order is marked as complete and after that you have the right to continue working with that client or not, if there are extra revisions request you can charge them accordingly. You can contact the CS but I don’t think you will those money again. I know the buyer have the right to ask for a modification. I told him to let me know if there any revisions require and I was ready for that. Two days after delivery, he told me that he needs more time to download the deliver contents so he needs more time that’s why he is asking for modifications. I informed him, okay, let me know when you finish downloading. After that, he didn’t come online at all and suddenly cancelled the order. Thank you!!!
  16. Thank you nikavoice. Yes, I can understand why they are taking time and glad that they are still trying to solve this mess up. Thank you for your support throughout this very difficult time. It really means a lot the support I am getting from this Fiverr community. 🙂
  17. Thank you for your message. This things happening now and then and Fiverr really needs to solve this in issue on seller’s behalf because all we can do is bring quality work and Fiverr should secure our payments. Thanks.
  18. Thank you for your information. Yes, this is a big order and I can understand if its taking time to resolve. Thank you for your support. 🙂
  19. Hello Fiverr Community, I hope you all are doing great today. I just want to update the current condition of that scammed order. I didn’t get any update from the CS in the last one week so I did contact them again asking for an update. I had to contact them again because every day my team members are asking for their cuts and I am unable to provide any hopeful answer. The amount is big as the order was big so, there is nothing I can do for them if I am not able to find any positive solution on this scammed order. 😦 CS responded with an answer that they are trying their best for me and will come back to me if some update comes up. I am happy to see that Fiverr support is trying their best to find a solution. I hope they will bring back my payment so that I can pay the salary to those who worked hard to complete this order. That’s the only thing I want right now. I don’t have any alternate way to fix things up. Have a great time on Fiverr. Thank you Asif
  20. Nikavoice, thank you for concern. I am yet to hear any news from Fiverr support. Its already been 2 days they sent their last message saying they will come back to me as soon as they gather any information. I am hoping they are trying their hardest to get the payment back from the scammer. I will definitely let you know as soon as some information available. I hope I will get the justice. Thank you so much for your support :). It’s been the toughest week for me 😦
  21. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. The kind of support I am getting from this community is priceless in this troubled time. I am counting on Fiverr support now. I am not giving up and will not give up. Thank you for your support. It means a lot 🙂
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