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  1. unable to be active for 110 hours due to natural calamities, gig impression have dropped a lot.
  2. the gig images should have to, many texts, make an attractive gig image as well.
  3. Despite many attempts, I cloud not bring clients from outside.
  4. if the buyer doesn't convert to an order after getting a knock, is the gig likely to lose rank?
  5. I am a shopify designer , I need shopify store email and pass from buyer, how can i manage it?????????
  6. When sending buyer requests , it is important that you ensure you can solve the buyer problems and that you in from the buyer that you can solve the problem by answering some of their questions.
  7. If you receive a low rated review (public or private) your impressions might have gone down. my opinion
  8. The first thing you need to do is research your gig, like the title and description. look for low - competition keywords. your gig will be ranked and you can easily find out to rank it.
  9. in the last 60 days, I don't think you have missed any deliveries
  10. make sure you check frequently , there is no guarantee that it will always be available
  11. to start sending offer for your gigs, go to the dashboard , click the more tab, then click buyer request.
  12. the best way to reach your target audience is to understand them, look for gigs in your area of expertise that are performing well, as a result you will also be able to better understand the market.
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