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Why is my impression decreasing everyday?


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On 1/14/2022 at 2:32 AM, sohidkhan3647 said:

Must 24-16hour online Active at the first time. Keep trying and success will come


On 1/16/2022 at 7:02 PM, wyarej said:

You have to active 24/7 and send buyer request every day. Buyer request should be professional so that you can win. 


How can a human being stay up and online for 24 hours a day? It just doesn't make sense.
Are you being online and active for 24 hours a day?

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A steady decline in impressions means your gig is not being served as a result when buyers are searching for your services.

Which in turn means that your gig is no longer considered to be “relevant” by Fiverr.

You can try to diagnose your offering and see how you can improve it by revisiting your positioning and your value proposition when compared to the marketplace median offering.

It is work, there is no easy one click solution.

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You Need To Communicated with The (Past Buyer) That You work Already, If They Need Additional Help, Try To Provide That,

You Need To Send Daily 10 Buyer Request,...

Another Best Method Is - Open a YouTube Account, And Make a Video Of Your Gig Related, And Told Your Subscriber ''If Someone Need Any Kind Of Help, Contact With You On Fiverr''

And Try To Develop Skill Also, Maybe The Work You provide, day by day, that task value are down 

(Never Listen to active 24hour on fiverr, you're a human, not machine/bot) 


-Best of luck 

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