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  1. Never Share any Gig Link On Social Platform For Spamming Purpose, Like Increase For Click/And View, That will be down your gig rank position, cause no one place an order your gig, just come and disappear, If you want to proper marketing, then create a YouTube channel, and share your skill, and if someone need that service, you can share your gig link, That is the best way to getting an order, another way is Facebook group they have lots of public group and people, they need a true help, so share your opinion, and if they want to hire you, share your gig link, that is not spamming, you want to help some peoples, they need help, and fiverr also support that. and the last think is, if you try to spamming, after few days later you getting a warning and restricted your profile, so follow the fiverr terms and conditions
  2. Impression and Click Gain But Not Getting A Order, That Means The Pricing Table You Make, The Buyerr Didn't Satisfy To Purchase That Pack, So Research The Competitor Gig And Decrease The Price And provide some extra benefits, then clients are happy for purchasing your pack, when you getting lots of order, try to increasing the pricing also.... Remember : Pricing Change Can't affected on your gig rank
  3. Promoted Gig are the best way to generate more sales, and clients, so if you're facing to loosing the gig rank down after using that, that means you getting bad feedback on the buyerr hidden feedback, so make sure, to satisfy the buyerr and when the buyerr comes with click your promoted gig, try to taken the projects.....
  4. They Have 3 Millions Gig, But when you filter a categories just for online, you can see maximum 3/4page gig are showing, so if you're in online, your gig appears 1/2/3page (in online filter search) -Sometimes buyerr needs urgent task, and they have time to wait a few hour for a inactive seller response, so they will search someone who available in online, and that's reason, online active is also fact to get more order (If you know the correct work)
  5. Auto refresh is basically you make fool the system of fiver, fiverr think youre online and provide your profile visible at 1st page, but if the buyer knocks you and you didn't provide reply, then it will be affect on your fiver gig, And after few days later, the system will be think the profile is bot, then your fiverr account also get warning.... so i never suggest to use auto refresh, no one buyer can place an order just saw that you're online, use fiverr app.... that would be better than any kind of 3rd party apps
  6. Yes You Can | If someone send you a .exe file or any kind of images that already corrupted, if you open, you will be see a website same as fiverr, and now if you input any kind of Credential, that you used already, hacker can easily monitor your browser, its like extensions or addons, So when someone gives you any files, before you open must be check with Virus Total Website, And Must Be Enable Windows 10 Firewall
  7. Congratulation. keep up the good work and struggle .
  8. Hello There. Fiverr forum is totally learning platform. where you can learn, most of the freelancing related threads, most of the seniors member can you help, and all are free, so fiverr forum is open books, you can learn unlimited, more you learn, more you earn
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