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Do I have to create a new gig? or new account?



I join Fiverr Feb 2021. I created 3 gigs. Within 1 month I received a few orders and completed them with 5 Star reviews. but one day I got an order from an ind-XX client I complete his job but when the time came for delivery, he canceled the order. After that, my gig was soo down. A few weeks later I got another order and it was complete with 5 stars also. After a few days  later, I got an order from another ind-XX client again, and it happened again. Now I have no order No impressions no clicks. 

To be honest, what should I do now?
Do I have to create a new gig? or a new account?

A few thingsI'm so good at my skills and I'm confident enough to do it.

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