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I did research. Books, videos, posts to ensure I'm on the right track. After finally publishing my first gig, no orders.

In fact, my gig statistics only began showing impressions and click (yes, click, coz it was only one) this morning.

Would you mind taking a look and sharing your thoughts?


Is it that there is no demand for my service? My research said otherwise, but perhaps on Fiverr?

Is the niche too broad? If it is, how do I narrow it down?

Thank you for your time.

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59 minutes ago, uk1000 said:

You could check your gig is priced competitively. Maybe lower it to start with. You could check what the others are charging and the amount of business names etc. they give for their prices.

Also maybe change the "buisness" search tag.

I'm seeing this after working on the exact things you advised. Goes to show that it really was the problem (I hope)

I had done a bit of price research before publishing my gig, I believe the issue arose because I mostly used the prices of sellers with a lot of orders and reviews as I was told and probably read here and there also, that you don't want a price that is too low, especially if you're offering what comes across as a good and professional-looking gig, and of course, we don't want prices too high, which when I saw gigs priced around 3 to 4 times my initial offer, I thought was okay. I was told to price a couple of $$ above what the average is.

I checked out some SEO optimization posts and looked for better keywords. So my entire tag 'block' was reviewed.

Here's the link in case you want to see my changes and updates: https://www.fiverr.com/share/NEj0WG

I'm really grateful you took time out to help me. Thank you.


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