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  1. I'm New Seller on Fiverr but I'm a expert because I've work on many Projects and I've strong Portfolio to show. How can I get Orders and I can convenience anyone that I'm experienced if they're technical. My gigs https://www.fiverr.com/share/PlaEWx https://www.fiverr.com/share/Ad86lR https://www.fiverr.com/share/85V2lE
  2. You should follow every top-rated seller who was a new seller once a time. New sellers always try to make you 100% satisfied and take a small amount cause they need to grow their account. But if you do not filter new sellers you will get a bad experience with them. You should check his experience level, his behavior, communication, and previous work. If you can find an expert new seller you will get proper support for your project and spend a little buck. Here are some tips for finding expert new seller- 1. Expert new seller always have good communication skill 2. Seller understand what you need 3. Seller will provide his previous work and showcase his expertise 4. Seller will never focus on budget, he will focus on doing your project You need to always check new expertise either you will experience a bad situation. But never suppose every new seller is a fraud and not an expert. There are lots of people has successfully local business or client but they are want to start on Fiverr, now he can't jump top-rated seller he will start from a new seller.
  3. Hello all, this is Rakesh, a new seller, from India. Fiverr is best platform in which one can get to showcase his/her talent and at the same time earn money from that. And please share your tips , experiences/advices with me to start with ? Thank You all in advance.
  4. Hello Everyone I m here from Pakistan and i am usman butt working with national tv channel I hope you will be fine with nice health. there is many seniors can anyone check my Gig and help me for Order please, can anyone check my gig and mark my mistakes please Thanks in Advance https://www.fiverr.com/share/vzBxBW
  5. Hi! Every one, This is Prodip Moral here. I have joined Fiverr as new seller as SEO. Wish help and support from all of you in the forum. Link Show should I present my services in the gig. what should my activity as a new seller on Fiverr. How to success on fiverr etc. I have publish my first for Keyword research service. Can anyone see the gig and let me know the feedback is is okay or How and where I need to improve. To see My gig Click here. Thank you
  6. Hello, I have read your project details and I know you want ( describe client demand). I am sure I can give you the perfect work and I am a full-time freelancer. so you will get the best service and support. I am now online for you so if you want you can message me. Best Regards Your name
  7. What do I need to do to get a new order from Fiverr?
  8. Fiverr is utterly confusing; can I succeed? Or do you have to stop here?
  9. The old or expert seller was a new seller too, Somebody gave them a chance & gradually they became an expert seller. Every new seller isn't bad but yes you have to figure out who is best if you want to hire a new person. As a buyer what you should expect from a seller? of course quality work, good communication, being conscious about the deadline, and being a very good human being for a long time work. You have all the options in your hand to check the seller before you place an order. 1. Go to his/her gig read their description if you feel comfortable then you can read their FAQ section on how they actually work afterward you can drop a message. 2. Ask them their portfolio, and this time maybe they don't have a real project but of course, you can see their practice work, so you will understand their quality. 3. While you chat with the seller measure how they chat. Is he/she good at communication, if they are not then don't hire them because they won't even understand the project and will waste your time, so make sure you check their communication fuluency. 4. You can offer them for a small task, if they do well, now you trust the seller. 5. It's true new sellers charge very cheap because they don't have any testimonials but they will work hard to get a good testimonial so that they can grow their account. So I'm pretty sure if you can check a few points before hiring, you won't regret it. 6. You have full control to cancel the work if you don't get quality work. Money doesn't go anywhere but as a seller, I often see, A few buyers harass the seller to do more work but the payment is the same. Give a chance to a new person if you can but for an important project and a bigger project, you may go with an expert.
  10. 1. A few basics about the site 2. Make Your Profile Unique 3. Use SEO to Help You Find Your Gig 4. Join the Forum 5. Active much time
  11. Every day I am getting 20+ impressions but 0 clicks. why?
  12. I had moved from new seller to level 1 but due to some ratings, i was demoted to new seller but i had qualified for level 2 seller, now that my ratings are above the minimum, will i be promoted again to level 1 or to level 2, i finished 30 days as level 1
  13. Hi there, I have opened more than 3 gigs. But I am not getting order. I have opened my account more than 3 months. So what can I do now?
  14. I am new seller Fiverr. attracting veterans. It's been 4 months since I opened a Fiverr account, and I've given 6 gigs. But I haven't received another order till today, now if you help me a little. this is my profile link: fiverr.com/kazirafiqul99?up_rollout=true Thank you for giving me so long.
  15. Here is a sample of the type of buyer request I wrote. If you think something is wrong, the experts will help. Then my own mistake will be corrected. And those who are new to this post will also learn something. This is how the job I applied for was written.========================================================== I need a logo for my business. Only experts will apply for this job. The logo I need to create is a Private company logo. The beginning ================================================================================ Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have read the description of your project and understood that you need a logo designed. I would love to design it for you and I will provide you multiple variations designed in different colors and designs to select from. I Will do design: All Tippy logos, GIF images, business cards, social media ads, graphics, brochures, flyers, etc. May I know the colors in which you want your logo to be designed? Do you want the logo written in simple texts or you want some symbolic image also inside the logo? I am looking for a long-term business relationship and can start right away. Please send me a message so we can discuss the project further. Thank You! (Your Name) This is the end============================================================ Remember. Do not send buyer requests by copying anything. Try your own writing. That box contains the buyer request. If you can type manually in that box. Then the chances of getting a job are high. Copy any text and send the buyer request. The chances of getting a job are much lower. It tends to be spamming. Unique proposal should be written for each buyer request. Be sure to leave your comments
  16. Yesterday I got my First Order 60$. Pray for me .
  17. Hello friends, i am a new seller. I joined some weeks ago. How do i convert a prospective buyer to a returning buyer? i want the buyers' request section to be effective for my benefit. Kindly put me through
  18. Published my gig on 24th November 2021 as a new seller on 25th I got 31 impressions and 4 clicks , And today i got only 9 impressions and 0 clicks , Is such ups and downs normal?? Any reason for this ? , How to prevent it ? Am a new seller so plz someone enlighten me . Also I have done all research for my gig , A professional gig with a good thumbnail , Resonable price , Did the SEO etc https://www.fiverr.com/s2/4ff21fcc94 this is my gig
  19. Hey all...πŸ˜‡ Am so glad to introduce myself here in this vast platform. I am Visreena from Kerala, India. A homemaker who is both skilled and experienced in various fields. I would like to provide my services with high quality to those who need it. Happy to work here..!😊
  20. Hi! I'm Kay, I'm experienced in project management and email marketing, please as a new seller what are the tips I can make use of to get my first order.
  21. Hi fiverr forum I'm new here and very exited. I get some buyer request and send buyer req. But get no response from they. So Please some advice for how to send a properly buyer request. thank you guys. ... I wish the new year to have more smiles , love, love and fewer masks ..
  22. I tried everything but gig isnt ranking. Can somebody help me to figure it out?
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