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  1. Answer all their queries, Communicatat to your customer that you are always approachable and they can contact you verry easily for small or large questions..... Go out of the way.... Surprise them..... keep your promise.... Be spontaneous.... Treat them as thanks for read i am new seller on fiverr
  2. I am a new seller in Fiverr with my shopify development skills..If any one interested to know about Shopify or dropshipping business Feel free to contact me
  3. Hello everyone! I just started here in Fiverr and thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Lori and I’m an MH therapist hoping to start a little at home side business. Hope everyone is having lots of lucks with selling gigs. It’s nice to meet you all 😊
  4. In fact, those who are new to the fiverr but skilled at work. It is seen that they do not get work easily in fiverr. So how does fiverr consider the matter? Like I've been working with WordPress for three years but I'm not getting any orders as a new seller on Fiverr.
  5. Will be there any problem in my account, If I move to another country? Will I face any account restrictions problem because for different IP address in another country?
  6. Here is a sample of the type of buyer request I wrote. If you think something is wrong, the experts will help. Then my own mistake will be corrected. And those who are new to this post will also learn something. This is how the job I applied for was written.========================================================== I need a logo for my business. Only experts will apply for this job. The logo I need to create is a Private company logo. The beginning ================================================================================ Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have read the description of your project and understood that you need a logo designed. I would love to design it for you and I will provide you multiple variations designed in different colors and designs to select from. I Will do design: All Tippy logos, GIF images, business cards, social media ads, graphics, brochures, flyers, etc. May I know the colors in which you want your logo to be designed? Do you want the logo written in simple texts or you want some symbolic image also inside the logo? I am looking for a long-term business relationship and can start right away. Please send me a message so we can discuss the project further. Thank You! (Your Name) This is the end============================================================ Remember. Do not send buyer requests by copying anything. Try your own writing. That box contains the buyer request. If you can type manually in that box. Then the chances of getting a job are high. Copy any text and send the buyer request. The chances of getting a job are much lower. It tends to be spamming. Unique proposal should be written for each buyer request. Be sure to leave your comments
  7. Hi everything, I am new at fiverr. I have opened 4 gigs on my account. But I don't get enough impression and clicks. I got just 1 to 2 click in 3 days on each gigs. What I need to do now for getting more impression and clicks? can any one help me? Here is my fiverr profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/web_advance07?up_rollout=true Thanks, Kawser
  8. Hello everyone, Hope all are well. Mostly asked question or tips are looking for that how a new seller will get more orders on Fiverr marketplace. So I follow some rules that works for me, I hope that will help you to achieve success on Fiverr marketplace in a very short time So Let's get started, 1. Create a professional gig title with searchable tags (low competition) and a meaningful title - For my case, When i create a gig I always follow to use the low competition gig keywords with a meaningful line, and also try to push as much as I can push the keywords to the gig title. That helps me a lot to get ranked asap. 2. Do highly SEO of your gig description and other stuffs like images, packages etc. - That's a better way to get ranked 3. See the long vision - In this Fiverr marketplace there are so many sellers are providing their services, To generate more sales and attract new buyers you should have to do something new and unique. For that you should do social media marketing and unique idea marketing with helpful content. I will recommend you to make a target to rank your profile and gig on Google search too. For that you can do blogging also. 4. Provide highly skilled work to your client with a affordable price (Only for new seller) Others can choose their high budget - Remember in Fiverr Mobile Application there is an option of Average Earning, You should decide the price the high price of that one That's all are the rules I always follow to gig my profile and gig ranking. Try once all of these rules, I hope you will find your success asap. Thanks to all Have a nice day
  9. Finally I got my most awaited first Order. Hopefully My Fiverr Journey will be more smooth and productive than whenever I didnot get any Order
  10. Many sellers who use Fiverr and successful sellers on Fiverr say that it can rank our gig on the first page if we use less competitive keywords. Is this really true? As someone who is looking to create a logo design gig, how do find less competitive keywords? Please explain this to me. Thank You.🙂
  11. Hi! I'm new to Fiverr, and I just wanted to introduce myself. You can call me Kat. I'm going to be 33 this year and I have four books published. I love writing and I love helping others. I just wanted to say hi and see how y'all are.
  12. The old or expert seller was a new seller too, Somebody gave them a chance & gradually they became an expert seller. Every new seller isn't bad but yes you have to figure out who is best if you want to hire a new person. As a buyer what you should expect from a seller? of course quality work, good communication, being conscious about the deadline, and being a very good human being for a long time work. You have all the options in your hand to check the seller before you place an order. 1. Go to his/her gig read their description if you feel comfortable then you can read their FAQ section on how they actually work afterward you can drop a message. 2. Ask them their portfolio, and this time maybe they don't have a real project but of course, you can see their practice work, so you will understand their quality. 3. While you chat with the seller measure how they chat. Is he/she good at communication, if they are not then don't hire them because they won't even understand the project and will waste your time, so make sure you check their communication fuluency. 4. You can offer them for a small task, if they do well, now you trust the seller. 5. It's true new sellers charge very cheap because they don't have any testimonials but they will work hard to get a good testimonial so that they can grow their account. So I'm pretty sure if you can check a few points before hiring, you won't regret it. 6. You have full control to cancel the work if you don't get quality work. Money doesn't go anywhere but as a seller, I often see, A few buyers harass the seller to do more work but the payment is the same. Give a chance to a new person if you can but for an important project and a bigger project, you may go with an expert.
  13. I got 189 impressions and 2 clicks in 4 days in my first gig about creating timeless logos > https://www.fiverr.com/share/26A5Qk Is it good for get an order?
  14. May I know how can I get first order in Fiverr!!! Any Expert opinion
  15. Hello great leaders. I am new here 😌 Deprofessional by name. I am a professional Digital Marketer
  16. I am a new seller in FIVERR! How can I get custom Order? Please let me suggest the best guidelines according to your consent.
  17. Is it necessary to do promotional marketing for your New gig as a new seller! What do you think
  18. 🤍 I created my profile on Fiverr, in April 2022! Today 01/06/2022, I completed my first order! 🥳 ✅ If you're new to Fiverr, keep trying! It's worth your time. 👉 Share your experience too!
  19. How can i promote or get work on fiverr without any ratings?
  20. I want to know if Level 1 and Level 2 sellers easily get more orders than a New Seller. Do buyers reach for Level 1 and Level 2 Sellers generally while searching for a service?
  21. I have just completed 37 orders with 34 five star reviews. Advanced Tips For new Sellers: try to use low competition keywords for gig ranking use eye-catching gig images marketing your gig to targeted people. Provide the best quality services forever every buyer. learn from your competitor gig and implement it. learn trending topics As a new seller publish 7 gig keep patience
  22. Hey everyone, Hope you guys are doing great! Just wanted to share my struggle and small success with you guys. So this is my 2 months journey of completing the level one seller threshold, I signed up on Fiverr a long time ago but I didn't get any orders at those times and it has to do with the fact I had zero knowledge about creating an effective gig or writing a good proposal to a client. I lost hope and my family was struggling at that time so I couldn't waste my time anymore and started to look for a job. I worked for different small companies and also with local clients but I had to leave the work soon after because my father had a heart attack and doctors shared that it's his 3rd heart attack and we have to go for surgery, I'm from a lower-middle-class family with a lot of debt on our shoulders. So it was really hard to go through this, I had to stay by his side at the hospital for a month and I was certain I will lose my job and I did. After all the surgeries we have a mountain of debts and there is no earning member in the family. All hope was lost I was in a panic about how will we return all the debts and survive, I began to search for different ways to earn money nothing was helping. Hopelessly I logged into my Fiverr account not expecting to get any order, I tried doing my research on how to get the 1st order and watched a lot of successful Fiverr sellers how they did it and took their tips and started building my profile. I would sit in front of my computer every day and complete all the buyer's requests very carefully and about a month later one client was impressed with my offer letter and hired me for the job and the 1st order was $50, I was beyond happy when I received the message on my phone from Fiverr App. I delivered the work with 100% precision and he is my star client now I started to understand more about how to get clients and started to get more orders. From March 27 to May 31 I've reached the Level 1 Seller threshold. I know many people did this may be less than a month and maybe achieved higher thresholds but I want to dedicate this post to all the people who are not getting orders, who lost their hope on Fiverr, don't know what to do, who are helpless like I was. I just want to tell you that "You've been walking a long road and it's been really dark all the way but If you keep on walking on the same road there will shine a light soon. Don't loose hope, You can do it"
  23. Hello Sir! I’m professional Web Developer,Digital Marketer And Social Media Expert. I Have Been Working in this sector since 2020. I’ve accepted online work as a hobby and profession. My main resource is efficiency and honesty. I have a highly skilled team. We Ar Expert On: ☑️ Google ads ☑️ Google ads adwords ppc campaign ☑️ Google displays ads ☑️ Google shopping ads ☑️ Search engine marketing ( SEM ) ☑️ Search engine optimization ( SEO ) ☑️ Google keywords recharge ☑️ Facebook ads manager ☑️ Facebook catalog ads ☑️ Facebook targeted ads Any Questions? Let’s Chat!
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