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does order cancel effects on fiverr account?



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1 hour ago, alam_jobair said:

Hi, I had complete 7 orders and cancel 3 orders. after that i am not getting knock from buyer. any tips for me? thanks advanced.

Yes. Your order completion rate will be affected by a cancellation, based on the percentage of completed orders you have in the past 60 days. If your completion rate dips below a certain threshold, you risk getting demoted from your current level (if you have one) or getting ranked lower in search results. 

Also, I prefer if buyers don't "knock" me. I want them to politely say hello and pay me for my work. If I wanted to get knocked, I would become a boxer. 

If you have a 30% cancellation rate, you're doing something wrong. 3 out of 10 orders cancelled is a very high number. You should consider the reasons for those cancellations, so you can do something about the issue. Maybe you're not communicating well with your buyers, managing expectations, or delivering great quality services. 

So I recommend that you analyze the reasons for those cancellations, to figure out what you're doing wrong. You won't last on this platform with a 30% cancellation rate. 

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